Best Gift Ideas for Knitters in 2019

You may think that buying a gift for a knitter can be tough – especially if you know nothing about knitting or purling! Luckily, knitters are pretty simple to buy gifts for. They can never have enough yarn, and are always looking for new techniques and projects to try. Here’s a quick gift giving guide for the knitter in your life.

1. Knitting Needles

There are so many types and styles of knitting needles that each serve their own purpose. Especially for those newer to knitting, it can be a bit overwhelming (and a commitment) to buy needles for a specific project. Help your knitter grow their collection by gifting them a new pair of knitting needles!  

Here’s a quick guide to what different types of needles are for: 

Chart with suggestions on which knitting needles to use for specific types of knitting projects

 2. Yarn Bowl

Help keep your knitter sane but gifting them a yarn bowl, which will help keep their projects neat and organized. Yarn bowls help prevent yarn from getting tangled during a project – your knitter can ball up their yarn, put it in the bowl, then thread the yarn through the swirl or slit (depending on the style of the bowl). This way, the yarn easily unwinds from the ball, and doesn’t roll around or snarl up. After they’re done knitting for the day, they can store everything in the bowl; hooks, yarn, and work in progress.

3. Stitch Markers

While we’re on the topic of making your knitters life easier, why not look into stitch markers? These little round markers allows your knitter to hold a dropped stitch, or mark their place in a row. They can also be particularly useful in marking the end of a row during a circular knitting project, count stitches, or even serve as a reminder when it is time to change a pattern!

4. Pom Pom Maker

There’s nothing more fun than a big pom pom on top of a hat, at the bottom of a scarf, or even strung together to create a charm to hang bag. While pom poms may seem like simple creatures, they can be incredibly cumbersome to make by hand. A pom pom maker will help reduce the amount of time (and energy!) spent on making pom pom’s, while still allowing your knitter to add yummy features to their projects!

5. Yarn Pack

What says “I care about you” more than a bundle of yarn?! Give your knitter the freedom to explore and express their creativity with a pack of assorted yarn.

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