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Alpaca Yarn Made in the USA

by Nicole Snow May 27, 2009

Alpaca Yarn Made in the USA

So you might have noticed that we've been adding a lot of new items to darngoodyarn.com

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We decided that aside from bringing you yarns and crafts from Nepal that we should feed our domestic supply chain. So I reached out to an alpaca farm right up the road from me here in California. I'm so glad I did! Mette and Tom (the owners at Ranch of the Oaks) showed me and Mike around their great farm. Not only do they have alpacas (which I learned really do spit) they have ostriches, Icelandic sheep, and some funny dogs.

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So Darn Good Yarn decided that we had to carry their yarn. And by the way we're the only place online to get Ranch of the Oaks yarn! So, check out the great selection of their award winning yarn by clicking here

What do you think? Does it look beautiful and cozy or what?

Just in time for the chilly season ahead!

Nicole Snow
Nicole Snow

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