6 Clever and Super Easy Yarn Hacks

April 27, 2016 3 min read

6 Clever and Super Easy Yarn Hacks

To Go, Please

1.With better weather coming, we may start to think about working with warm weather fibers like cotton or recycled silk. I always have a scarf going as I love an easy project to take along when I can't pay attention. In the warmer months, I fold the finished part of the scarf and take a double pointed needle and work it through the scarf with the two needle end points upwards.This keep the finished portion of the scarf folded in a concise manner. It keeps the warm yarn off of me and makes it easy to carry around.

2.Speaking of easy, have you seen our snarky totes? This is the kind of bag I keep ready to grab because I would never leave home without knitting!  A simple bag like this, ready and packed means I can grab it on the fly when I am running out the door. I NEVER want to be caught without a project, so I keep one bag for on the run knitting (and honestly, I am amazed it took me years to realize that I don't need to carry the crazy ass, difficult project which somehow always involved changing bags). A bag of knitting to go...simple hack for sure.

Put A Cork In It

3.I don't need another excuse for finishing off that bottle of red, but did you know that corks make great stoppers for the ends of your needles. What a wonderful hack for drinking wine AND keeping stitches on your needles! I find this especially useful when my needles are jam packed...what a simple way to prevent a meltdown over lost stitches.


4.Courtesy of missvickyviola.com, here is a great hack for making pompoms with a fork, super easy and I love my two hands a bit free when making pompoms. We all have our challenges and pompoms are one of mine. Using a fork for pompoms gives me a slightly greater chance of not being tied in knots! Honestly, for me and my fear of pompoms, I am far more likely to just use the thick and thin wool felt ball yarn. Now, that is my kind of hack!

5.Shhhh! Here is maybe the best hack of all...a beautiful hack on pompoms! Color and pizazz is what these felt craft balls have and I am wondering what you might do with these? Rockin' the multicolor thing so I may never make another pompom! Imagine that on a scarf! I am wondering why I would ever make another pompom when I have these! 

I Felt, You Felt

6.Bad habits, yep we all have 'em. Habits are, well, they are, uh, habits! Forever, I was one to use needles, a tape measure, or some other notion..fine so far, right?  But here's the deal. When done with the tool, I toss it in the big knitting bag because I might need it later. And when I do need it, I have to burrow and dig, sift and sort to find it somewhere in abyss. So why not use one of these sweet little purses for your notions? Between that and having a felted needle bag, viola a simple hack to keep crafters organized!

Facts on Hacks

Simple, that is how I like things.Writing about a few of my yarn hacks, reminds me that I don't want any of it to get too complicated, so if the hack is easy and works, I am all about it. Just remember that not all hacks are going to work.I tend to go with those that are completely practical and don't involve me doing more to create the hack. So, choose your yarn hacks wisely and keep in mind the idea is to make your life easier, not to experiment with things that take your time.

Yarn hacks are meant to give you more time to share the joy of creating. Wanna know the best hack of all? The staff at Darn Good Yarn wants you to retreat from the everyday and we are here to help you so feel free to contact us at info@darngoodyarn.com and let us help make your life easier and crafting more enjoyable!