5 Fiber Thoughts to Inspire Your Monday


Monday, Monday

Wow! Where did that weekend go? Sometimes I feel like life goes faster than the speed of light. And flash, here we are back to Monday again. Life doesn't get any slower as we get older either! Some of us who might be a bit more senior (ahem) are very aware that days, weeks, years now fly by. How can we make the most of the life we are living and how to make it ours?

Do what you love and take time to retreat from the everyday. Here at DGY we love to celebrate each and every person and the uniqueness that is you so we support both beginning and expert crafters who are doing what they love, uniquely and have no need to fit the mold. When we say "retreat from the every day" we mean for both the wonderful benefits of escaping to what we love and escaping the humdrum of the ordinary. I'd like to share with you a few fun fibers, patterns, and kits to help you on the road to unique!

Mindful Mondays

1.Crafting brings us a zenful, mindful, meditative quality. What better way to get the new work week going than with playing with fiber. Whether retired and crafting over a cup of tea or jumping in after your work day, Mondays are a great day for working with your sari silk or chiffon. Somehow running these fibers through our fingers and working on a project makes the world all fall in to place on those crazy Mondays.

yarn project

2.Do you have a yoga mat? Or better yet, do you have a really cool, homemade yoga mat? The yoga mat pattern is a simple crochet with woven ribbons. You will be the cool fiber enthusiast in your yoga class! Now how about that for a mindful, crafty idea to ease you through your Monday? And give yourself the luxury of peaceful time, you so deserve this!

yarn project over the floor

3.And while we are talking yoga, how about a carrying bag for your mat? I tend to have a few things when I head to class so how nice is it to have my hands freer in using this pouch. It really is about keeping things simple in our lives and this is one of those cool ideas that reminds us just how simple life can be.

Simply Simple

colorful woven bag

Woven Messenger Bag 

4.Speaking of simple, how about a DGY kit? There are days when I am ready to take on the world and there are days where I just keep it going...Monday for me is a keep it going day as I ease into the work week. I keep it simple and find this is not the night for a big dinner, a ton of chores, or another garden project. I make my Monday life easier by keeping everything a bit easier. Crafting kits are a great way to ease in to projects and keep the fun in crafting.

multicolored yarn skeins over a white background

5.Retreating doesn't mean hibernation so just be in that place where you can create, breathe, and bring new inspiration into your life. The staff at DGY is here to get you started....you can find that comfy place to craft and we are here to help you find that pattern, color of silk cloud yarn that you want, and support you in your crafting.

So, yes here it is Monday again and thankfully it doesn't last forever! Be in the moment and figure out what makes your Mondays a positive for you. Retreat from the everyday and craft with joy knowing that this moment of knitting, crocheting, or whatever you do is yours! Enjoy this moment because as we all know life is moving faster than the speed of light. Keep your fiber nearby and email us at info@darngoodyarn.com if we can help get you through your Monday (or any other day)! You've got this!

How do you get through your Monday?