2016 Yarn Trends, Or Not

Amazing how trend can capture us and we want to know what is in style. I look at old pattern books of my mother's and laugh to see the in vogue styles whether it is a pattern or hairdos! So while I will share what we envision as in vogue for 2016, please                                                                                                       thestrategygroup.com.au                 


Yes! I am crazy about color and have very definite opinions about color. Do I follow the trends on this? Only when the colors are those that I am akin to anyway! Do I like red...not usually but I see it paired with other bright colors and I love how it pulls the color out and makes it all come alive. For example our recycled sari silk ribbon really is far more exotic for having the bold red in this rainbow of color and makes for spirited knitting. The red "collaborates" with the  other colors here and I am loving red!  So it is all possible with color.

Including the Pantone colors for Spring 2016 gives us an interesting dichotomy. There are both soft pastely colors paired with bold options too.  I am excited to see a peach color in the line up as I will pair that with some blues on this pantone chart for juxtaposition of color that I am ready to try in weaving. 

 Thanks to www.patone.com

Putting opposing colors in the same piece makes the colors stand out more. I also find monochromatic (using all blues, all reds, etc) to be interesting too as the subtleties and nuances are more exposed.  Have you ever gone to the paint store and picked out a color array of paint sequences?  Sometimes I pick up a few combinations of color to think about....may not always use the colors they suggest but these little chips lead me on the color journey to some interesting color mixing. I consider them my field stones to get me step by step to a  color spectrum.                                              

 Fiber is Good                                                                                                               

With the earthy tans being "in" now, working with our natural and dyed hemps lends itself naturally to some of our twine related projects. It's not a yarn but it has a quality that makes it a fun fiber for macrame and other skills.

Creating has may dimensions and sensory options so when you think of fiber whether a beginner or expert, be sure to consider your fiber. Big and bulky is popular so don't settle for the ordinary. Grab your BIG needles, a pattern that accommodates your large idea and try a crazy big old thick yarn or ribbon...push yourself beyond your normal boundaries. How can you know what a fiber's potential is until you try it? I found these lovely bulky fibers in an array of silk, chiffon and yak wool from Nepal!  The best thing about this fiber and "bulking up" is it makes for a project that works up far quicker...something we all love in this age of instant gratification.

I am going to challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone and try using a BIG yarn. I will keep you posted as to what I make and how this goes Yes I love the idea of BIG needles but need to try a BIG fiber now too. (I am loving the monochromatic flavor of this ocean of chiffon above).

Texture is Huge, Literally

Yes, texture and fiber are akin to each other. I am going to focus here on just texture. I love crunchy food and always have. A carrot fresh out of the garden, an apple with good crunch, and nuts, oh yes I have a habit of eating more than my share of nuts and love them all. So what do I mean by texture when creating?  Well, I mean just this...do you want your project to have good crunch? Or would you prefer a smoother feel and look? There is no right or wrong answer but my research shows that texture is huge for 2016. It may be the fiber that you choose that brings texture or (not) to your finished piece or it can be the choice of pattern stitches that create the texture or some of both!  Below are a few  texture terms you might want to know because they all relate to the trend of texture for 2016 and my very non-technical description of them:

cable - a design element which creates a cable or rope type design using specific knit stitches ( while cables can be very interesting and there are different types, I don't want to feel the restriction of doing cables right now)

fringe - *sorry but I just can't go there...ever!*

loops- might be able to try a bit of looping for a gift but see * above as to how I really feel

melange - a mixture of different things ( could it be texture, fiber or color? I think it could be all) with the general definition leaning toward nothing very grounded in any one structure. Let the creativity fly!

nubbly - a bit of a lumpy spot here or there in the fiber

rib - a structure within a pattern that makes the finished piece of ridges and valleys 

roving - a wool fiber that is carded but still a rather wild wool (often used for felting)

slub- a slight irregularity of the yarn itself like going from thin to thick and back again

So there you have my non-technical terms for some of the 2016 trends in texture and knitting. Basically, texture is central to hand crafted projects this year.

Good for Planet Earth

We live on a planet that is facing many environmental issues. The good news is that we are all far more conscientious about our lifestyle choices to make our world more sustainable.It is very trendy to recycle, up-cycle and repair as we find ways to find another life for "stuff"  Did you know Darn Good Yarn works hard to make our planet healthy by selling recycled yarn products ? We believe if it is good enough to love once, it is good enough to love twice. 

Lastly, Do the Trends for 2016 Matter?

Well, what's trending might matter if you are a person using fiber for business or if you are a fashionista. For me, I always want to be aware of what is trending but don't take any of it seriously. Creating has its own gifts and the further I go outside the box, the happier I am with my creativity which reflects my spirit to my life and beyond. So yeah, read the thoughts here on trends and then take one step away from the box and one step closer to your your creative adventure.