11 Great Blog Suggestions for Fiber Inspiration


We can all use inspiration with our hobbies. Whether beginner or expert, the learning curve is always there. Blogs are a great way to learn, be part of a something that interests you and you will find inspiration hearing about what others are thinking, AND you can  take it or leave it as there is no commitment on your part. Another aspect I love with blogs is that some of them have video tutorials.  I find tutorials very helpful when I am trying to learn something....the visual makes it  useful to me and I also love that I can watch it over and over.  Eventually it sinks in!!!  So retreat from the ordinary, relax  and enjoy this list of really fabulous blogs about creating.

Knitting blogs

1. Confessions of a Knitaholic - This blog provides instructional videos, a fun link for all sock-aholics and general support for those who knit.

2. The knitcrate blog is inspirational. I look here when I just want to see new ideas and news about all things fiber. I really loved the story about a mom who makes beautiful, fantastical yarn wigs for children with cancer.

3. The knitting blog even a non-knitter can read without pain is the subheading for The Knitting Needles and the Damage done blog which shares reviews of knit designs in magazines and commentary on the creative life. 

4. The blog at glennaknits.com offers her thoughts on knitting and while she seems to be a prolific knitter she also writes of her challenges with her time, knitting and habits.

5. Stephanie Pearl-McPhee is a passionate knitter and shares her thoughts on life and being a yarn harlot.

To this day, my husband still confuses the two hobbies!

Crocheting blogs 

5. 1dogwoof Blog is a favorite of mine because the writer of this blog Chiewei does an admirable job blogging about food, life and crocheting. I am loving her fish scrubbies  and think they will be super easy to create and want to put a bit of Darn Good Yarn shimmery yarn to make these fun  fish have an iridescent quality.

6. I am enjoying this blog  at wendy knits as it includes both knit and crochet inspiration. The sub heading of "adventures with sticks and string" lends itself to the upbeat and informative nature of Wendy's blog.

7. This blog at Miss Dolkapots Krafites primarily uses crochet to create lots of different things with free patterns included in the blog. There is a sidebar with Tips and Tutorials which is useful. Scroll down for Kvak the frog! I like the humor here!

Miscellaneous Fiber Blogs

8.  The stitch and unwind blog is the official blog of allfreeknitting.com and allfreecrochet.com . Prolific with posts, patterns and support, this blog offers many options for both the beginner and expert.

9. The Polka Dot Cottage blog is about adventures in fiber, fabric, clay and every day life. Looking for a peaceful and inspiring read?  Grab a cup of tea and read on!

10. And because I am playing around with weaving this barefoot weaver's blog is one to inspire me. There are some great photos of woven shawls here using a triangle loom and while haven't tried a triangle loom, this loom kit at Darn Good Yarn is a great place to begin! I am also eyeing the bigger fibers for bigger texture!

11. she shoots sheep shots is Gale Zucker's blog on knitting and being a photographer.  The photos on her blog are as engaging as her thoughts.

So what ever your level of interest, ability or spot in this world, these blog suggestions offer you a place to learn, dream and be inspired. And be sure to join us @ the Darn Good Yarn blog , the best blog of all!