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Calamity Designs!

September 15, 2010

Look who is going to start working with Darn Good Yarn; Calamity Designs!

Watch the creativity in action and get inspiration here:

Sam runs Calamity Designs. she’s an artist, with a shop and she’s in the process of getting her design company going!

She writes some awesome custom patterns including the Heel Market Bag which you can find on Ravelry.

But check out first, the wonderful logo and then check out some of Sam’s handiwork with recycled silk yarn!

Tunics you can make with Darn Good Yarn

September 13, 2010


Almost like sweaters but depending on where you are in the world, more versatile! And the great thing is that since most of our yarns (like the Premium Recycled Silk Sari Yarn) are lighter, these are great options in case you need to layer over to keep warm moving from the indoors to the outdoors! They also tend to go long enough to go past your patootie :) a feature I like in case I wear low-cute jeans!

Also, if you ever have a question about how many balls of yarn to get for a pattern, email us! That’s what we’re here for!
Wonderful in any of our banana fiber collections except the Landscapes series Wouldn’t this be wonderful in a bold solid colored banana fiber yarn?! Divine in Recycled Sari Silk!! Perfect with any of our blends of recycled sari silks! A personal favorite and so easy. Great for any of our banana fiber blends except for the Landscape Series.

Minisweaters, boleros, shrugs you can make with Darn Good Yarn

September 13, 2010

Mini-sweaters, boleros, shrugs

I love them all! Why? They’re quick to make and add that little extra something over your outfit. I’ve been living in places where you need to keep taking layers on and off so they’re vital for me! Enjoy these free patterns I found:

Also, if you ever have a question about how many balls of yarn to get for a pattern, email us! That’s what we’re here for! This would be lovely in Nicole’s Recipe Banana Fiber Blend!
Use two strands of recycled silk together or our thicker banana fibers!
Use the Landscapes Handspun Banana Fiber for this one! How fantastic is this one? Use a bright colored yarn.. 2 strands of the recycled sari silk.. tres bien! In our banana fibers (except The landscapes series) just marvelous! wonderful in our yo-yo diet thick and thin wool yarn you’ll have to login but it would be wonderful in our alpaca yarns or heavier banana fibers like Nicole’s Recipe! This would be lovely in our solid colored recycled silk yarn simple and wonderful in any of our sari silks a nice way to move from scarves to something a little more. Try our recycled silks for this one.

Sweaters you could make with Darn Good Yarn

September 13, 2010

Yes, I openly admit to being a lazy knitter. It’s not that I’m lazy per se… I just have a lot going on. So, if I put a project down I want to be able to pick it right up again in about oh… 2 months. I also don’t like my yarns to be exclusive. Sure, I could round up some cabled fair isle craziness but that’s not what Darn Good Yarn is about. The complexity of these yarns will speak for themselves in understated patterns.

Recently, I was asked for a few recommendations for a slightly fitted sweater. Here’s what I came up with! If you know of others that should be on this list, please email me at

Also, if you ever have a question about how many balls of yarn to get for a pattern, email us! That’s what we’re here for! While on the intermediate side– you can really hammer down on shaping. Premium Recycled Silk Yarn would do the trick here! This one is not totally fitted around the waist however it’s super easy! This would be made with the Premium Recycled Silk (at a fraction of the price too :) ) this does have more fit but it’s nice and light and slightly sheer. It would be wonderful in the Premium Recycled Silk This would work up in using possibly 2 strands together on 10.5′s You could shorten the sleeves how you see fit! The yarn would be the Premium Recycled Silk This one is a little tangier and could be worked with any of the banana fibers except for the Landscapes Series worked in yo-yo diet, this would work up nice a quick! A little looser, I don’t think you need to strip this one.. just go for it in our Premium Recycled Silk. With the nice wide stitching it would look stunning with a strong solid fitted tank top underneath it! an easy sweater with a fitted waist included! Perfect for our Premium Recycled Silk Yarn I love this sweater and it will be on my to-do. Use the solid colored recycled silks or the premium recycled silk sari yarn. Could you imagine this in one of our more subdued blends like Golden Temple Recycled Sari Silk.. oo la la! this would be stunning in solid colored banana fiber don’t you think? Yes, whilst a little on the intermediate side, it’s really not too bad. Do a guage check.. you might be able to use two strands together! So easy and would look lovely in banana fiber!

How to take the twist out of over-twisted yarn

September 12, 2010

Here, Nicole, owner of Darn Good Yarn and your guide to all cool things with all cool yarns shows you how to easily take that sometimes pesky twist out of recycled sari yarn! There is a second video below that shows you how to make a surgeon’s knot like what I describe in the video… this guy did a much better job than me though:)

Video loading….

Darn Good Yarn in Interweave’s Fall 2010 Knitscene

August 2, 2010

Check it out, Darn Good Yarn is on page 91 of Interweaves’ KnitScene Fall 2010 Magazine. Pick up a copy today!

Check out the new project I’m working on too using our Tibet Jewels Recycled Silk Yarn

Let’s follow along!

July 30, 2010

Watch the video below!

Good afternoon everyone! Phew, Friday has finally made it to Darn Good Yarn!

Chriss who has brought us amazing crochet patterns and fabulous crafting ideas on Darn Good Yarn (read more about her here)

Let’s support Chriss and her 30 day experiment of her experience of trying a lacto ovo vegetarian diet for 30 days. She will be posting her experiences daily, sharing recipes, and giving her honest opinion about vegetarianism. Here’s a link to her new blog:

KNIT: A Recycled Silk Hat Experiment

July 27, 2009

Nicole being silly

Nicole being silly

So, the fun thing about this yarn is that I get to test my hand at making patterns. And whenever I say, “Nicole, today is the day you are going to make something amazing for the Darn Good Yarn Fans of the world” I then remember, I have to work my other job, finish the laundry (where does it all come from… I mean seriously), and ship yarn out to all of you!

I try so hard to step out and be adventurous but then I think about a lot of newbies out there who just want to make a cool quick project too! And this recycled silk yarn is seriously the way to go!

One day though… I will have more than 5 minutes to myself and I will make you a pattern!

So, I’m working on a super simple hat, but the thing you have to remember with this silk yarn, is that all of the colors…. oh they make a simple project look awesome!

A simple Recycled Silk Yarn Hat in progress

A simple Recycled Silk Yarn Hat in progress

Want to buy this yarn?

Click here to buy now! DGY's Premium Recycled Silk Yarn

Click here to buy now! DGY's Premium Recycled Silk Yarn

So what do you think? Tell me, what patterns do you want to see? Tell me please!!!