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Monday update: cute as a Button- the hat and the husband

April 4, 2011

Hi friends,

The official husband of DGY--fishing!

I sure do hope you had a nice weekend. I know I did because I got to spend some time with Mike and we did some good ol’ fashion grilling and fishing (well I fished for a little until I lost 3 flies in a row… that’s my limit before I lose my sanity too).

But Anne is a fellow Darn Good Yarner and she sent me a great picture of the first hat she ever knitted and it was Darn Good Yarn’s Cute as a Button Hat (click here to check out the pattern)

Remember you just need two skeins of any of DGY’s Yo Yo Diet Thick Thin Wool Yarn

She rocked it out didn’t she?

Thank you for sharing this Anne!

Have a great day everyone!



click to check out the pattern

KNIT: Mobius Cowl on a Yo Yo Diet

October 27, 2009

Check out this video (give it a second if you have a slower connection)

Click here to get on the yo-yo diet

Click here to get on the yo-yo diet

What’s not to love about the Yo Yo Diet Thick and Thin Wool Yarn? It’s not crazy expensive, it comes in great colors and it’s 100% wool!

And now, thanks to our “resident” knitter Faith we now have a great Mobius Cowl pattern you can get! Click Here To Get The Pattern.

Click Here to Get the Pattern

Click Here to Get the Pattern

Need A Sample?

October 11, 2009

Click Here to Get Your Samples

Click Here to Get Your Samples

Oh I know..sometimes it’s tough to figure out what yarn to get, especially online.

I want to make sure you’re happy with your purchases so I offer you the option to get a sample of the yarn. You’ll get about two feet of the yarn wrapped around a 5×7 index card.

Choose the yarn you’re trying to make a decision on.

If you decide to the buy the yarn you got the sample for, let us know when you order and we will refund your sample cost!

Also, please note on the yarns which have multiple colors I will send our standard sample color. If you would like to see a sample of your specific color please email us at upon purchase.

Click Here For the Samples

Click Here For the Samples

KNIT: $12 Easy Wool Scarf

October 4, 2009

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to put this easy scarf up on the site. You will giggle because it’s so simple.

Click Here to Get the Yarn

Click Here to Get the Yarn

First you need 2 skeins of Darn Good Yarn’s Thick and Thin Wool Yarn (which I call the yo-yo diet). You’re going to use up both skeins in their entirety for this scarf but you will get an ample scarf that goes together quick!

The second thing you need are US size 13 needles.

Too much fun:)

Too much fun:)

Now, cast on 9 or 11 stitches. You can choose depending on the width of the scarf you’d like. Me, well I like a longer scarf so I can wrap it more or tie it around my head then around my neck if it’s super chilly.

Ok, so you’re then going to knit 1 and purl 1 to the end for every row (yes seed stitch…can you tell I’m addicted to it?) It’s great if you’re just learning because you can practice practice practice!

I love this yarn because while the stitch is easy and you can zone out you end up with a very interesting texture. It reminds me of pebbles.

What a great, cost-effective, beautiful gift you can make in a snap this holiday season!

Cloudy day? Visit SunFleur1 on Etsy!

July 19, 2009

Catch the rainbow - Bulky Entrelac hat at Sunfleur

Catch the rainbow - Bulky Entrelac hat at Sunfleur

Guess what this hat is made from? Darn Good Yarn’s very own Yo-Yo Diet thick and Thin Wool Yarn

I’ve been working with Michelle for a quite a while now and you just have to see all the cool items she makes. I know we all have the best intentions to make everything ourselves, but when you don’t have the time I think it’s equally as important to support our fellow crafters and resist the urge to get mass produced ho-hum items. This is where Michelle’s shop comes in super handy!

Michelle owns her own etsy store “SunFleur” which you can visit by clicking here!

High quality and really great prices and did I mention how whimsical everything she makes is?

Sari silk knitted beaded cuff

Sari silk knitted beaded cuff

So what about the Yo-Yo Diet?

July 13, 2009

Yo Yo Diet Thick and Thin Wool Yarn

Yo Yo Diet Thick and Thin Wool Yarn

Hi all! (oh I sounded like Paula Dean there…)

Anyway, this one will be short this morning. I just wanted to touch base with you some of you that might be having questions as to what to make with the Yo-Yo Diet Yarn.

We can thank Sandra and Faith (who are some of our best DGY fans on facebook for this question!).

Hmm what to make what to make? Well, I renamed this yarn, because it is a true “thick and thin” wool yarn… get it? Yo-Yo Diet?! (Come on, we’ve all been there).

Well, here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:
You can make a scarf (you can see pictures of it by clicking here) All I did was CO 9 sts on size 13′s and worked up 2 skeins in moss stitch. It made a nice effect which looked like little pebbles
Here’s a Capelet: Click Here

For now, I hope that helps because I have to run off and be an assistant this morning.

Much love! And don’t forget to leave your comments!

Nicole (and Michael and Squeakers)

Here’s a notebook cover: Click Here