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Artist Profile: Patricia Judd, Doll Maker

August 11, 2014

When Patricia sent us this picture of the sassy and fabulous doll, “South Beach Diet”,  that she made for the Hoffman Challenge for Dolls, we couldn’t wait to see what other unique creations she had made and get to know more about her!  She found Darn Good Yarn while browsing online to look for unusual yarns for her fun creations and was immediately hooked by the idea of recycling silk, the colors, the textures, and the opportunity to do some good.  She ordered a sampler box and loved everything in it!  ”South Beach Diet” features sari silk ribbon yarn to tie the umbrella and multicolored banana fiber yarn as ties on the chair cushions.  Patricia loves the vibrant colors that Darn Good Yarn added to her creation and we do too!
Patricia’s grandmother and mother instilled a love of color, texture and patterning in her from a young age.  She remembers her grandmother helping her make a felt heart-shaped pincushion for her mother when she was about five years old.  She found it while cleaning out her mother’s sewing room after she had lost her and now it has a place of honor in her sewing room.  Although she struggles sometimes to keep perfectionism out of her creations, Patricia remembers the advice of a wonderful teacher who one time told her that there are no mistakes, only opportunities for embellishment!

About 15 years ago, Patricia bought a doll from a local crafter as a gift for her mother and the crafter let her pick the hair and eye color. She thought it might be fun to make one herself, so she found a local class from doll artist, Billie Rooker.  She used doll making as a therapeutic outlet during her years as a high school math teacher and likes to joke that even if the students were out of control, the dolls would sit still!  After making porcelain dolls for several years, she found an online class for soft dolls and made a doll that she describes as “gosh-awful” with a “nosed that looked like a mashed potato and hands that looked like Shrek.”  Ready to give up, she found a class from doll artist Judy Skeel that was close to home and came away from that class with a doll that had a beautiful face and a perfect nose!

Patricia usually starts with a pattern when she makes her dolls.  For “South Beach Diet”, she started with Rhonda McGinnity‘s “Still Waiting for Mr. Right.”  Even though she starts with a pattern, her favorite part of the process is changing the doll into a completely different character and making it her own with the use of hair, face type, colors and dress.  ”South Beach Diet” was inspired by a weekend at her sister’s house in South Florida in January.  She also enjoys taking classes and learning new techniques from doll artist’s and is looking forward to the Windy City Doll Workshop in October where she will take a class from Peggy Wilson.
Doll making isn’t her only hobby, she also knits and crochets and is looking forward to a scarf that she’s working on with some of the banana fiber yarn from her sampler pack that is in a bright yellow and grey!  She sews (she made her daughter’s wedding dress!), smocks, cross stitches, does crewel, and has tried quilting.  Her favorite hobby and art though is spending time with her grandchildren while they paint, color, and work with clay.  She has two grandsons, Ethan, 7, and Sam, 4.  While playing “I Spy” in the car, one of them told her that he spied something grey-white…after a few guesses, he revealed that it was her hair, even though she swears her hair color is ash blond #12!  They also enjoy making fantastic Spiderman webs from eyelash yarn with grandma.  And here is Patricia’s granddaughter, Finley, 4 months, in a dress she crocheted, from a pattern by Ira Rott on Ravelry.  Beautiful!
Thank you Patricia for taking the time to share your art and your process with us!  We’re happy that you found us and can’t wait to see what else you make with Darn Good Yarn!


Mini Packs of Recycled Sari Silk Ribbon Now at Darn Good Yarn – Newsletter

February 14, 2013

Phew! Sorry it’s been so long since I sent an email out. Things have been CRAZY ever since we won the FedEx Small Business Grant Contest!

I’m actually doing last minute preparations for the FedEX Press Crew– They’re heading down right now to record and get a sense of what is going on. I’ll be posting pictures of the events on our Facebook ( and Twitter ( so you can get a taste of what is going on here… After all, YOU had a big part in us winning!

Make sure you let me know if there is anything in particular you’d like to see or have posted!

With that said, I have been hearing what you and the rest of your fellow Darn Good Yarn-ers have been saying… There are times where you don’t need a giant skein of fiber for a project. Maybe you just want a little bit to accent a project or maybe you need a tad more to complete the last part. Maybe you’re just looking to make some jewelry to accent your scarf!

Well, I know that times are a bit tougher now (Mike commutes and is here only a weekend or two a month.. believe me, I know…), so I want you to be able to finish ALL your projects instead of having to spend more because you needed “just that little bit for a finishing touch.”

I have created “mini” packs of some of our most popular ribbons and they are now available. They’re a little bit more expensive “per yard” because we needed to create special packaging, cut them to length, etc. but, believe me, I’m giving away for as little as I can… This is more a service to you :-)

You can do a LOT of cool things with this yarn: make jewelry, add accents to projects, add trim, create tassels, extend the length of your knitted item, etc.

For the next week, if you order $70 or more of yarn, we will throw in a FREE mini-skein of yarn of your choosing!

On top of that, if you cant choose between yarns and won’t be able to order $70+, I’m also offering a 20% discount on up to three mini-skeins of yarn if your order is $49 or more. Use code MINIRIBBON at checkout (exp 2-17)

FINALLY! I will be holding a contest. Once you get your mini-skeins of yarn, post a cool project you have completed on with them and the winner will get a $25 gift card + 10% off as well!

Stay fabulous darlings!

It’s not your grandma’s yarn! Reasonably priced, high-quality yarn that helps women in India and Nepal and gets rid of waste.


This week’s featured yarn

November 4, 2012




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What’s Karen up to?

February 21, 2012

Meet Karen! Karen is an accomplished weaver. If you’ve never experienced Karen’s works please visit her at
She likes to utilize some of Darn Good Yarn’s goodies so some of the colors might look familiar to you.

Email her if you’re interested in purchasing any of her works here:

or visit her ArtFire store here where you can purchase this complete scarf:

But take a moment, get a cup of tea and go and explore Karen’s wondrous works of art at

Have a great evening dolls!


Crimson Heart Studio

October 25, 2011

Hi friends!


Guess what, I am under 200 emails that I have to answer..not bad eh?! I think I can do it over the next few days.

This is why there is coffee right?

But in my quest to clean up my inbox and make my to-do list one page long vs. needing a binder I had to show you my friend’s blog! Cindy is an off-the-hook mixed media artist. I’ve often just looked through her blog her etsy store which I implore you to go and visit!  Here is a link:

Like check this out… (you can click on the picture to take you to the etsy listing)

Tempered Glass and Polymer Clay Cottage

Wouldn’t that be perfect for a house warming gift?!

But in the meantime, Cindy was busy at work making some super cool Recycled Silk Sari Flowers. I’m not going to show a picture though. You have to visit the post and leave a comment!


Have a great day!


Wednesday/Thursday Update!

June 1, 2011

Well Howdy-do!

I love June so much..because my birthday is at the end of the month. While I’m turning 29, I act like such a little kid around it except with lots more champagne:) Just ask Mike…he came home once to see me halfway through my Carvel cake with no remorse whatsoever (yes I have a terrible sweet tooth–man those crunchy things are AWESOME!!!) But the weather is getting nicer and I can wear my caftans around now without getting too crazy of looks when I go food shopping. Yippee for summer!

Click the yarn to view the new arrivals

Last week was nuts! I got some test ribbons and a new sari silk cord in. If you haven’t been to the site I do have some colors left in stock but others have flown out of here. But if you’re too late for your favorite color don’t fret. Just be sure to visit the item that is sold out and fill your email address out for a stock notification and I’ll email you when I get more in stock. Right now I think it will be about 6 weeks (these yarns and ribbons take a long time to make!!!) If you would like to view the new items on the site please be sure to click here.


With that being said, when I have new yarns I generally post them to facebook. So if you’re not a friend with me or Darn Good Yarn, go ahead and get connected!

Friend me personally (I don’t bite:) ):

And then join the Darn Good Yarn group:!/pages/Darn-Good-Yarn/85866917614

In other news, I’ve decided to do a grab bag option for the Recycled Resolutions yarn. It’s super duper discounted and it’s for my oddballs in color. So, if you’re looking to take a walk on the wild side then this is a big score! Click here to check it out and be sure to review the drop down menu because you get big discounts when you buy in 10′s and 20′s

For the rest of the week be sure to follow the blog. I’m going to talk about a cool project Darn Good Yarn helped out with a girl scouts’ group and if I’m reallllllly good, another free pattern will be coming your way. Do you remember where the blog is? If not, just click here

Thank you for all of your support!


Nicole, Mikey and Squeakers

(do you think we should have a!)




Click here to get your free pdf download of “Abask”!


Ready to make yours?

Check out the colors, perfect for this project by clicking here


If I’m fat in my bathing suit… Wednesday 5-11 update last days to get 10% off too

May 11, 2011

Hi everyone,


So, it’s officially a hump day here at Darn Good Yarn but that’s good because I’m making something out of recycled sari ribbon yarn but, you’re just to have to watch the video to see what it is:) You’ll also see why I don’t care if I’m fat in my bathing suit this year:)


And remember, there is only a few days left to get 10% off the Original Premium Recycled Silk Yarn! Hurry!