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New Pattern & Kit: Black Woman Magic Suede, Silk, and Yak Shawl

August 5, 2014


I’ve been sick this week and I spent my recovery time creating this fantabulous shawl for you that you can get as a kit right HERE.

If you’ve hung out with Darn Good Yarn for any amount of time, you know that I love easy projects that don’t require too much planning because Darn Good Yarn’s fabulous fibers and yarns speak for themselves. I made this super cute shawl with outrageously lush fringe and pulled it together as a kit for you. This would look cute worn as a typical shawl (around the shoulders) or with traditional back worn in front and then wrapped around your neck. You could also pin and tie it around leggings for a whimsical look perfect for an afternoon music festival in the park.

So, this super simple pattern looks like this:

Grab your size 19 circulars (my cord was about 2 feet)

Then loosely cast on 25 with your yak wool. For each row after, k1, ktf&b, then knit until you have two stitches left on your row, ktf&b, k1

Work both hanks of yak up until you have a small handful of the yarn left and bind off.

Weave in any ends.

Now, the fun part. Make some fringe from the suede and silk.  The pictured shawl shows 3 feet lengths because I wanted it to have some cool drama but you should play around until you find what you love. This kit will come with all the yarn you need (2 hanks of black yak wool from Nepal, Reclaimed Suede Ribbon, and Nighttime Rainbow Recycled Silk Yarn)

xoxoxo  Nicole


Round and round with Sari Yarn

November 8, 2012

A special thanks to Lauren K. for creating these.
She designed an entire collection using Darn Good Yarn’s Blender Recycled Silk. Find it here:




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A fellow Darn Good Yarn -ers Project!

October 12, 2012

A special thank you to Christine Anne D. for sharing her photos of her recently finished shawl. She got the pattern from UrbanGypz and she utilized Darn Good Yarn’s Premium Recycled Silk Yarn. You can find the yarn here:

Don’t you just adore this?!

How to be a hooker: How to Rug Hook with Recycled Silk Yarn

October 11, 2012

This week’s featured yarn: Stained Glass Wool and Recycled Silk Yarn

October 11, 2012

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Save 20% This week only-Stained Glass: Wool and Reclaimed Silk Yarn

Silk and wool married so perfectly together. This is yarn that you’ve always wanted. You’ve dreamed of this yarn. I know I have!

This creative yarn was made in a wonderful small family-owned co-op/mill where 70 women and 30 men work and get paid fair wages to sustain themselves and their families.

The yarn comes in 2 different plies and it makes the thickness a little different.

The 2 ply has 84 yards per skein and is a worsted weight and the 4 ply has 70 yards per skein and is a chunky weight. Each skein is 100g. Every skein is a unique collection of color!

Discounts, Free Pattern, and a Move: Not bad for a Friday!

June 10, 2011

Hi everyone!

Take a moment and watch my Friday update!

Recycled Sari Ribbon Meditation MatI talk about an upcoming move (get your orders in before 24 June!!)

I also talk about the new Free Pattern (click here) I posted this week.

There is also a new and improved discount plan on the site that I explain a little more on the video.

Phewwww! Crazy week here:)

Does anyone have some cool plans out there? Leave a comment and let me know!



Recycled Silk Yarn Saves the Day

April 30, 2011

Recycled Silk YarnHi there!

Did you have a nice week? Happy it’s the weekend?

The current events lately have been just crazy. And my heart goes out to those in the southern part of the US that have been affected by these storms.

In the spirit of Darn Good Yarn, for every ball of Gumball Recycled Silk Yarn sold on the site this weekend, $.50 will go to the American Red Cross to help.

To check out the selection of Gumball Recycled Silks, please visit this link:

*** ***

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Thank you for your continued support in helping me help women on the other side of world to right into our own backyard.


Friday Update At Darn Good Yarn New Recycled Silk Yarn, Knitting Needles and More!

April 29, 2011

Hi friends!

Happy wedding day and happy Friday!

Here is your weekly update! Recycled Silk Yarn, the popular 1 skein sari ribbon scarf and more!

and see what really happens at Darn Good Yarn here:


Friday’s Update: New Recycled Silk Yarn

April 22, 2011

Watch the video recap here:

Happy Friday to you!

What a wild week. Wow!

Wanna get the dirt on DGY? Check out the interview on the brand new Find the interview here and show some love to the co-founder and fellow Darn Good Yarner Katherine:

And now to the yarn…

Recycled Silk YarnRecycled Silk Yarn

A new shipment of yarn means that you can check out new colors of banana fiber, new colors of “Gumball” recycled silk yarn, spinning fibers and some fun notions.

27 Exclusive DGY Blends!!!



Recycled-Silk-Yarn Sari-Silk-Yarn 081Recycled-Silk-Yarn Sari-Silk-Yarn 138Recycled-Silk-Yarn Sari-Silk-Yarn 094

And in celebration of Earth Day, I have a special offer for the Premium Recycled Silk on the site.

Get 30% off a 20 pack of the Premium Recycled Silk Yarn:


Hurry, because this sale is only good until Sunday 4-24

If you didn’t see the new kimono jacket pattern I posted last week, be sure to visit this link (click me) to check it out!


Lastly, a hearty thank you to those of you who purchased yarn from Darn Good Yarn in this last month. We were able to donate $200 to the Red Cross for the on-going disaster in Japan.


Enjoy all of the new goodies and have a great weekend.


Thank you for all of your support!


Nicole, Mikey and Squeakers


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And the winners are…..

April 4, 2011

Hi friends,

OK this was so tough. The one terrible downside to these contests is choosing. I personally hate it because there are usually some good ones out there! This time it was really tough because I had over 300 entries… um holy smokes! And they were all super inventive. But alas, I had to take a big-girl-pill and pick one even though I felt like kicking and screaming.

So, below are the names of the winners of the silk sari ribbon color naming challenge!
Congrats and stay tuned for the next contest, you could be the next winner! But for today, these winners will get a free skein of the color they won for!

And for this week, these new colors will be on sale! So get ‘em while they’re hot!


"Singing the Blues" by Joanne Click to check the yarn out

"Purple Reign" by Chiara Click to check out the yarn!

"Dream of Mermaids" by Denise Click to view

"Brushed Bronze" by Kelli Click to view more!

"Moonscape" by Berkeley Click to see more!

Leaping Lizards by Honor Click to see more!