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Discounts, Free Pattern, and a Move: Not bad for a Friday!

June 10, 2011

Hi everyone!

Take a moment and watch my Friday update!

Recycled Sari Ribbon Meditation MatI talk about an upcoming move (get your orders in before 24 June!!)

I also talk about the new Free Pattern (click here) I posted this week.

There is also a new and improved discount plan on the site that I explain a little more on the video.

Phewwww! Crazy week here:)

Does anyone have some cool plans out there? Leave a comment and let me know!



New Silk Sari Ribbon and Allergies Attack!

May 27, 2011

Victorian Rose Sari Silk RibbonHoly moly,

It’s finally Friday and just after 10am to boot…where did my morning go? Oh I know where…watch the video to find out! Also, have you seen the new Silk Sari Ribbon colors? If not, check them out here: New Sari Ribbon Colors


Also, the shop that was featured in the video below is

Taming of the Ewe
26 Public Square SW, Jacksonville, AL 36265 (256) 727-7081 ‎
View On Google Map
Way to go Detta!


Oh and if you’re interested, my new site that I just launched is called


Have a wonderful day everyone!



I need an original knitted purse design for

July 29, 2010

Watch the video! I need help! Want to give this a go? Let’s talk! Email Nicole at!

Lashell and the Sari Ribbon

July 29, 2010

Let me tell you a tale of a woman and our recycled silk sari ribbon… My dear Lashell is an amazing artist and you can read about here here:

But what you need to know, is that what I’m about to show you will knock your socks off and you must check our Lashell’s Etsy store to fall in love some more:

Check out this hat that was made with our very own Desert Caravan Recycled Silk Sari Ribbon Click to check it out
Recycled Silk Sari Ribbon Yarn HatRecycled Silk Sari Ribbon Yarn HatRecycled Silk Sari Ribbon Yarn HatRecycled Silk Sari Ribbon Yarn Hat

Erin Mapes: Art Teacher by day, indie designer by night!

July 19, 2010

Erin rocks! She is a public school art teacher for her “day job” and designs, explores and creates for her store by night.

As Erin so beautifully described herself: I hand-knit scarves, hats, and other items, and upcycle old clothing into bags. I try to live my life in a simple, peaceful, and environmentally conscious way, and my craft reflects that way of life. I call my work “environmentally conscious” because I try to keep the environment in mind when making my work. Sometimes that means using all-natural materials or buying materials from local sellers. Other times it means saving materials from becoming trash by reusing, recycling, or upcycling, whichever you prefer to call it. Like I say on my site, I believe that with a little creativity, you can find a use for almost anything.

I personally find that refreshing and on the cutting edge. It’s motivation to where we should all strive to be on our crafting adventures.

Check out some of the items in her etsy store! Again, here’s that link!

Kathy’s Quilt Shop in Prince George British Columbia

July 19, 2010

Have you been to Kathy’s Quilt Shop or her fantastic website: Go visit now!

Not only does this great shop carry Darn Good Yarn but she also has a wonderful array of classes and everything else crafty that will fill up your supply drawers quickly! If you’re driving through or a nearby resident of Prince George BC you should poke your head in to say hi!

Here’s the store info:

Kathy’s Quilt Shop

1260 4th Avenue, Prince George, BC V2L 3J4, Canada


Want a map? Click here.

And they have great hours! 10-5 Monday- Saturday!

From the website: Every Thursday is Community Play Day.  As always, we feel donated quilts should have the same good quality fabrics that you’d use in your own quilts.  What you make represents you.  You’re worth the best and so are the recipients of our donations, whatever their circumstances.  We have a big box of donated fabric you can use while you’re here.  Come and work on a community project (there are many needy people out there).  You’ll never know how good you feel until you try.

Check out this great video too!

Make a tassel already!

July 18, 2010

Have you noticed that here at Darn Good Yarn we’ve become a little nuts about our sari ribbon. And oh the varieties! Check them out here!

Recycled Silk Sari Ribbon Tassel

This one I love! I was futzing around thinking about making a nice tassel. So, I did! I also beaded up a little strand of lime green seed beads and tied them around for extra embellishment. It was the perfect finishing touch. Use these to tie back curtains or tie around a pillow or you can just hang them on over guest hand towels– the possibilities are really limitless. Just don’t be afraid of color! Make a smaller one and use it as a pull on a light or a fan. Or you can make a mini one with a long tail and turn it into a bookmark. What a great gift!

For the tassel pictured you’ll need:

You’ll need 1 100g skein of Darn Good Yarn’s Around the World Sari Ribbon. You can also substitute this skein with the variety of other sari ribbons Darn Good Yarn carries. They come in solids, mixed prints, eye-lashed, and silk varieties.


CD Case or heavy cardboard that has the same dimensions (this determines the length of the fringe of the tassel so you can make it as long or short as you’d like)


Fishing Line

Seed Beads


1) Wrap the yarn around the CD case (or heavy duty cardboard). Do this until it bulks up to your desired “poofiness”. For the tassel pictured, it was about 25 times.

2) Cut  the remaining ribbon

3) Take  a 7 inch piece of ribbon and thread it through one side of the loops. You need this because you can use this ribbon to attach it to whatever you had in mind. Make it longer if you say had curtains that were very bulky. If you are having a tough time getting the ribbon through the loops, go ahead and go to step 4 and then carefully go back to this step.

4) Slide the recycled sari ribbon off the CD case.

5) Cut another piece of ribbon about 6 inches in length. This will tie the tassel together. So, tie it close to the top of the loops you just passed that ribbon from step 3. Make a neat and tight square knot for this part. this is especially important if you’re not going to add additional embellishments. You can tuck the ends of this ribbon underneath this band to make them lie flat.

6) It should really look like a tassel now! But you must cut and trim the bottom loops. Make sure to get them all and arrange the recycled sari ribbon so there is equal poofiness.

7) Go ahead an embellish as you see fit. Get funky! Try beads, buttons or leave it as is.

CROCHET: Colorful Silk Sari Ribbon Shawl

April 18, 2010

Made With Silk Sari RibbonMade with Silk Sari RibbonMade with Silk Sari RibbonDebbie, a fellow Darn Good Yarny emailed me one day with some amazing pictures of a shawl she made for her daughter. She adapted a pattern posted here (don’t worry it’s free) to use with our entire line of Sari Silk Ribbon Yarns. Check these out by clicking here. Isn’t this masterpiece beautiful?

Do you want to see some more pictures of her creation and others? Check out the new section of our webpage that features fellow Darn Good Yarny’ creations!

I got to thinking and you can also take the Solomon’s Knot and make a bed spread too. Wouldn’t that look amazing over a bed in a little girl’s room or your room? Want more info on how to make the Solomon’s Knot? Click Here or watch this video below:

Recycled Silk Sari Ribbon YarnRecycled Silk Sari Ribbon Yarn

Darn Good Yarners Projects!

April 18, 2010

This part of the site is simply a collection of your awesomeness! Check out all of the amazing things people just like you are doing with Darn Good Yarn!
You see, I told you dogs love Darn Good Yarn! Didn’t Laura do a fantastic job on this headband? You can get a free pattern for it by clicking here.

Maggie the Dog Loves Headbands made from Darn Good Yarn

Maggie the Dog Loves Headbands made from Darn Good Yarn

Wow the colors of the recycled silk sari yarn are amazing don’t you think?! Michele W is going to make a couple of these triangles and attach them to make a shawl. Yum! Recycled Silk woven Shawl
Recycled Silk woven Shawl 2

Check out what Debbie made! Aren’t these colors divine?!

Made with Silk Sari Ribbon

Made with Silk Sari Ribbon

Made with Silk Sari Ribbon

Made with Silk Sari Ribbon

Made With Silk Sari Ribbon

Made With Silk Sari Ribbon

Check out what Fay did:

Click to get the yarn

Click to get the yarn

and now the inside...

and now the inside...

Have you checked out this awesome etsy shop yet? Feride is a Darn Good Yarn wiz! Check out a few of her awesome craftiness!

Click here to get the yarn

Click here to get the yarn

Click here to get the yarn

Click here to get the yarn

KNIT: 1/2 Ball Headband

April 16, 2010

Recycled Silk Sari Yarn Headband Free Knit PatternRecycled Silk Sari Yarn Headband Free Knit PatternRecycled Silk Sari Yarn Headband Free Knit Pattern

OK give it a second… there is a video you should watch that will load right here.

Click here to get the Premium Recycled Silk Sari Yarn

Click here to get the Premium Recycled Silk Sari Yarn

This cool headband is super easy to make and it only takes a 1/2 a ball of Darn Good Yarn’s Premium Recycled Silk Yarn.

So, you can use size 5 needles and it will make a nice tight stitch.

On DPNs or circulars, CO 3 and make an i-cord for about 4 inches (or however long you want the tie tails to be and how you’re going to tie it in the back). Remember, as you break the silk in and wash it, it will stretch a little so if you’re not sure, go shorter.
After you have the first side of the tie done, you’ll start some very simple increases by making one at the first stitch and last stitch of the row for every row until you have the desired width. I brought mine out to 11 stitches. You can increase in your favorite fashion. Your hair will cover it up probably so don’t worry too much. I like KFB (knit front and back).
Now, here is where you get to be creative and you should think about how many stitches you should have on your needles now. You can go straight garter (all knit stitches) or you can really play around with the stitch pattern. Remember to account for the number of stitches you have on your needle. For example, double moss stitch (which is fun and easy and doesn’t allow for too much stretching) is created in multiples of 4′s so you would only want 12 stitches on your needles.

If you started on DPN’s and you haven’t moved your work onto straight needles you can do that now. If you’re on circulars, you can keep the work on there. You’re not joining the work in any way but working back and forth as you would on straight needles.

Put your work down for a second and measure your head. Where are you going to wear your headband toward the front of your hairline, behind your bangs? Measure it from the middle of your left ear, over your head, the the middle of your right ear.  This is a great approximation of how long the body of your work should be. Again, remember, there will be some breaking in over time so while it seems short, it’s not.

About 12-13 inches will do though in case you don’t have a tape measure handy.

So after you’ve knitted the body up, start decreasing one the first and last stitch  of the row down to where you have three stitches. Straight needles users, put your work onto DPN’s and circular needle. Make up that i-cord for the same length you made the first one. Bind off and weave in any ends of course.

You’re done… that was easy yes?

Recycled Silk Sari Yarn Headband Free Knit Pattern

Recycled Silk Sari Yarn Headband Free Knit Pattern

Recycled Silk Sari Yarn Headband Free Knit Pattern

Recycled Silk Sari Yarn Headband Free Knit Pattern