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Darn Good Yarn’s Return Policy

September 23, 2010

Please note this fantastic return policy is for the yarn purchased on my site, not ebay (Ebay is a 14 days in original condition–sorry it’s more strict, their fees make it very restrictive, feel free to order through this site and get a better deal anyway!).

Q: What’s your return policy?
A: Did you ever hear that commercial that talks about happy cheese comes from happy cows? Well, happy crafts come from happy Darn Good Yarn-ers. I (Nicole, the owner of Darn Good Yarn) know that shopping online can suck sometimes. When it comes to yarn, it’s a tactile experience… mmm to run your fingers over the yarn. So, shopping for these jewels online takes a wind out of the sales a little (but luckily I charge a lot less than your LYS, you’re still supporting one very small business and you can shop in your PJ’s at my store).

But, this is why Darn Good Yarn is so, well, Darn Good. Try it, Feel it, Love it, Hate it, Use it, Stare at it. If you’re not pleased with it (even if you’ve started crafting with it), send it all back in 30 and I’ll refund you even the shipping. Trying Darn Good Yarn is 100% Risk Free If you’ve started using it and you’re not delighted, just stop, take it off the needles, put it in the box and send it back to me. You have 30 days from placing the order, International orders have 40 days from placing the order. Prior to returning any yarn, please contact us at with the reason and what exactly you’re returning.

Seasonal Hue of Tibetan Jewel Recycled Sari Silk Ribbon

July 27, 2010

Just in time for the autumn, choose your harvest color of our fantastic recycled sari silk ribbon from the Tibetan Jewel Collection! Go ahead and find the hue that’s just right for the season!

CROCHET: Colorful Silk Sari Ribbon Shawl

April 18, 2010

Made With Silk Sari RibbonMade with Silk Sari RibbonMade with Silk Sari RibbonDebbie, a fellow Darn Good Yarny emailed me one day with some amazing pictures of a shawl she made for her daughter. She adapted a pattern posted here (don’t worry it’s free) to use with our entire line of Sari Silk Ribbon Yarns. Check these out by clicking here. Isn’t this masterpiece beautiful?

Do you want to see some more pictures of her creation and others? Check out the new section of our webpage that features fellow Darn Good Yarny’ creations!

I got to thinking and you can also take the Solomon’s Knot and make a bed spread too. Wouldn’t that look amazing over a bed in a little girl’s room or your room? Want more info on how to make the Solomon’s Knot? Click Here or watch this video below:

Recycled Silk Sari Ribbon YarnRecycled Silk Sari Ribbon Yarn

CROCHET: Need a simple yoga mat bag pattern?

November 22, 2009

Click Me For the Pattern!

Click Me For the Pattern!

Have you checked out the other pattern Chriss made and decided you need a slightly easier yoga bag pattern? Well here it is! (and it’s a buck cheaper!)

Designed and Crocheted by Chriss Smith (in cahoots with Nicole, of course!)

This fun and colorful project is worked all in the round. The bag is designed to fit yoga mats up to 26″ high and 5 1/2″across when rolled up. This pattern is rated at advanced beginner.

Materials Needed:

3 Balls of Darn Good Yarn Premium Sari Silk
size 5.5 crochet hook or size to obtain gauge
Darning needle
1 coconut button
6 yards of sari ribbon (you can substitute this with a solid colored recycled silk. We tried black and it looked stunning!)

Click Here For the Pattern!

Click Here For the Pattern!

New Price For Our Yoga Bag Pattern!

November 22, 2009

Click here for the pattern

Click here for the pattern

Have you been scoping out the awesome yoga mat bag crochet pattern on our site? Well, if so, we have news for you! We’ve put it on sale for $3.99!

This is such a fun project! The entire bag is worked in the round, and includes tapestry crochet techniques for the Om symbol. The bright jewel tones and earthy feel is just such a great mix for a Yoga Mat Bag. You can also use it for those Pilates fanatics too!

Click Here For the Pattern

Click Here For the Pattern

Get yours today!

The finished bag can be worn across the body or backpack style, and the drawstring closure keeps your mat secure. This bag is gorgeous and versatile.

Check out Rivka Designs

October 29, 2009

I love local artists! I have to live vicariously through everyone else who has time to knit because I don’t have time anymore…tres sad. But Rebecca, owner of Rivka Designs, had items which really struck my interest. And she is now making items out of Darn Good Yarn’s Premium Recycled Silk!

Click here to get Premium Recycled Silk!

Click here to get Premium Recycled Silk!

Rebecca sells her amazing wares in some high-end shops in northern Cali. She has also been setting up shop at Farmers Markets and Renaissance Fairs for over 6 years!

Click Here to Check Out Her Facebook Page and make contact!

Oddball Gumball Yarn Packs Are HEEEEERRRRREEEEE!

October 23, 2009

Check out this video then read on! (Give it a second to load if you have a slow connection)

Click Here to check out the color

Click Here to check out the color

This worsted weight yarn is handspun in women’s co-ops in Nepal and made from recycled silk. So, not only are you getting an incredibly unique yarn, you’re creating jobs for others.

We got some different colors in outside of the normal Gumball Recycled Silk Balls. Well you’re gonna score on this deal! This yarn pack comes with 4 slightly mismatched Gumball Recycled Silk 100 g balls. And you can choose the pack you want…but HURRY! We only have one pack of each color pack shown in the pictures.

Each ball is about 100g and contains approximately 90 yards of yarn. With rich hues and great sheen this will make your projects shine!!!

We suggest size US 8-10 (5-6mm, UK/Canada 6-4). Depending on your knitting your gauge will be about 3-4 stitches per inch (13-15 stitches per 10 cm).

Exclusive to Darn Good Yarn: Remember, when you order this yarn with DGY, you’re going to get this great yarn in balls not cumbersome skeins. So, when you get your package, you can get crafting right away and not pay extra for that little luxury!

I’ve seen similar yarn sell on the internet for $14 per 100g and it’s still in skeins…what a rip off!

Need A Sample?

October 11, 2009

Click Here to Get Your Samples

Click Here to Get Your Samples

Oh I know..sometimes it’s tough to figure out what yarn to get, especially online.

I want to make sure you’re happy with your purchases so I offer you the option to get a sample of the yarn. You’ll get about two feet of the yarn wrapped around a 5×7 index card.

Choose the yarn you’re trying to make a decision on.

If you decide to the buy the yarn you got the sample for, let us know when you order and we will refund your sample cost!

Also, please note on the yarns which have multiple colors I will send our standard sample color. If you would like to see a sample of your specific color please email us at upon purchase.

Click Here For the Samples

Click Here For the Samples has an Etsy Store: RecycledSilkYarn

September 20, 2009

So,, your source for premium recycled silk yarn, fair trade yarn and knitting and crochet accessories has opened up an etsy store so you can pick out individual balls of yarn! Our user name at etsy is RecycledSilkYarn Click Here to Visit

Darn Good Yarn on Etsy

September 7, 2009

I know that sometimes shopping online for craft projects can well…stink.

Silk Sari Ribbon

Silk Sari Ribbon

As a fellow crafter/addict of anything colorful, shiny and pretty, I realize that need to get the exact ball, fiber etc of what you want. It’s like finding that perfect onion in the store. Sure, it’s going to wind up chopped diced and mangled in your recipe, but it’s important to find just the right one. Believe me, I’m guilty of searching through the mounds of onions just like the rest of us! And I realize the importance of choice!

Darn Good Yarn on Etsy

Darn Good Yarn on Etsy

So, I had a breakthrough similar to that of Newton’s Apple. We’ll call this breakthrough Nicole’s Yarn Ball. I’m listing individual and groupings of our popular yarns on our newly created Etsy store “Recycled Silk Yarn”. Clever name eh?

So, if you’re not into trusting my judgement through go ahead and pick out the very exact ball notion or package at RecycledSilkYarn on Etsy.

And if you have a custom request, you just let me know! I will take pictures and send you everything I can to help you make your decision!

Click Me to go to our Etsy Store

Click Me to go to our Etsy Store