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Sale on Dragonfruit Red Recycled Silk Sari Ribbon at Valentine’s Day Sale!

January 16, 2011

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Here’s the video to the Bead making that I mentioned in the video:

Sale on Dragonfruit Red Recycled Silk Sari Ribbon at Valentine’s Day Sale! To get the great deal click here or the picture!

How to take the twist out of over-twisted yarn

September 12, 2010

Here, Nicole, owner of Darn Good Yarn and your guide to all cool things with all cool yarns shows you how to easily take that sometimes pesky twist out of recycled sari yarn! There is a second video below that shows you how to make a surgeon’s knot like what I describe in the video… this guy did a much better job than me though:)

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45 min Recycled Sari Ribbon Scarf

August 31, 2010

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Check out the one skein scarf that’s super easy and takes no time at all to make. Best of all it’s made from recycled silk sari remnants and is created by women. No sweatshops, no child labor and only at

To make it:

Get one skein of one of the following yarns:

Get your size 19 knitting needles. Cast on 5 and work the whole skein up in garter stitch. Yea it’s simple. but like what I always say, you don’t need to over-complicate a complex yarn with a crazy pattern. Let the yarn speak for itself!

Groovy Green Livin

August 10, 2010

So, the easiest thing is to of course watch the video (at the bottom..give it a second or two to load)… I think I’m addicted to my webcam.
But, I need to share this awesome new website with all of you Darn Good Yarn-ers! My dad’s cousin Lori just launched this site Groovy Green Livin

Groovy Green Livin is dedicated to providing an honest and credible setting for sharing green ideas, thoughts and other useful tips and trends relating to living a greener lifestyle.  A healthy, organic lifestyle not only applies to what we put into our bodies but also to what we put on our bodies.  Groovy Green Livin hopes to show their readers that embracing this lifestyle doesn’t have to be overwhelming.  Simple, small changes in your life can lead to a non-toxic, healthier lifestyle and a greener planet.

Groovy Green Livin provides green living consultations for businesses, schools, and homes throughout the Greater Boston area (online or telephone services are also available) and inspiration for living a greener life through the Groovy Green Livin Blog and Website.

Lori rocks doesn’t she?! Check out her shop too by clicking here!

I love a bargain!

July 15, 2010

Have you been following my antics on Twitter? You really should. Ready to write down my user name….drrrrruuuummmm roolllll….. “darngoodyarn”. Woah baby cakes! Original!
But I have made a friend on Twitter (awwww) Check her out: and if you need some cool ass patterns check out the antics here:

But we’re not here to talk about patterns today, I wanted to point you to this awesome blog post about the power of thrift stores, upcycling and sewing! Behold the power: HEY CLICK ME!

MMM hmm. Pretty cool eh?

Click here to visit Rambling Designs

Click here to visit Rambling Designs