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Artist and Business Owner Betters Lives around the World with “Darn Good Yarn.“

August 21, 2010

WEBWIRE – Saturday, August 21, 2010

In early 2008, Nicole Snow decided to take two of her passions in life—art and helping others—and combine them. The result was “Darn Good Yarn” a yarn and fiber importer, wholesaler, and retailer.

“I realized there had to be ’a better way’ to go about things” Snow says. “Other companies had high prices, the quality varied from batch to batch, and some were even using yarn created with child labor”

Nicole began to import yarn from Nepal, offering fair compensation to those she purchased from and providing countless jobs for those who would otherwise be unemployed.

“It isn’t anything like it is in the Western Hemisphere… They live in shacks” Snow explains. “Knowing that they are getting the food, healthcare, and other necessities because of my business means a lot to me… it’s why I started”

Nicole’s strive to provide high-quality yarn at low prices while improving the lives of people around the globe has garnered her a following of extremely happy customers, as well as a slew of wholesale clients.

“I love the way Nicole does business and customer service is a priority for her” says Lashell Ali, an artist and one of Darn Good Yarns many repeat clients. “Her yarn is colorful and strong, and because of that, anything I make turns into a ’waterfall of gorgeous”

Don’t be mistaken, starting a self-funded business from scratch was no easy task. Nicole explains her husband, Mike, had a big hand in the company’s success. “I joke around and call him the ’Official Husband of Darn Good Yarn,’ but it’s totally true” she laughs. “He has been nothing but supportive since day one and always keeps the energy up”

Not surprising at all, even after her business took off, she has still stayed true to her original goal—helping others.

“For me, the priority is giving fair rates to my suppliers and helping them live better lives… even if it means less profit for me” Snow explains. “I keep business with one of my exporters even though he charges more—he supports his mother and three sisters who live in Western Nepal”

For now, Nicole Snow is slowly building her business into a major player in the knitting industry, while keeping in touch with the reasons she started in the first place. “I am really excited to grow the company” she says. “The bigger Darn Good Yarn gets, the more people I am able to help”

Darn Good Yarn is an importer, retailer, and wholesaler of high-quality, fair trade yarn. You can learn more about their selection at


If you would like more information, or would like to schedule an interview with Nicole Snow, please contact her by phone at        609.276.7489      or by email at

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