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Who’s SARI Now Handbag

January 26, 2011

Who’s SARI Now Handbag
designed for A Darn Good Yarn
By Susan Mitloff, like this custom design?
on ravelry --pelicanknits
accessory or novelty yarn. . I used a Vanna glamour and a fuzzy novelty, but any complementary skinny yarn will do) You could even try the Skinny Recycled Silk Yarn that we offer
#13 circular needles ( depending on  thickness of yarn you could use #15)
Gauge. . There really isn’t any.. it depends on how long you want  it
Dimensions for  this bag, using 3 skeins are  14″ wide at the bottom, 12 ” wide at the top and 9″ long.
Cast on 50 stitches, place marker, and join in the round K 1 P1  for  2 inches
Switch to just knitting ( which will give you a stocking knit pattern when knit in the round) for 2 more inches
Total 4 inches.
Next Row.* Kfb in next stitch and then K4* Repeat 8 more times . then knit remaining 5 stitch. You should have 59 stitches. don’t worry if you have a few more .. Just be sure you have an ODD number before beginning a new round
Begin K2P2 and work in pattern for another 6 inches. ( If you want a longer bag, then you may need more wonderful Darn Good Sari Yarn) . This pattern will create a nice swirl )
Turn bag inside out and do a  3 Needle Bind off. If you want a ridge on the outside do not turn the bag inside out.
Add Darn Good Yarn twist handles that are custom made by Nicole, herself!.. or make an iCord for a strap.. Again.. this will require more
Adorn with a button or pin and line with a cool fabric

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