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RamblingDesigns: Recycled (An awesome purse)

January 5, 2011

Hi friends!

If you’ve come to known Darn Good Yarn over time, for some strange strange reason it takes me forever to upload patterns and projects to the site. For this, I’m sorry. Perhaps this is a new year’s resolution–”get with it”.

So, now to the main event. If you haven’t met Bridgett then you really should. OK, I know we can’t all carpool over there (she’d get pretty pissed at me:) ). But Bridgett is a wonderful pattern designer as well as a great blogger. I encourage and invite you to visit her blog as well as show he some support on her artfire site.


Just in my own editorial; Bridgett’s blog is wonderful. So many times you see attempts (myself included) to blog about current projects. My home girl knocks it out of the park consistently and beautifully. It really is a wonderful blog to follow.

Lucky for you and me, Bridgett very very very graciously created a wonderful purse for all of us to enjoy (for free)(so please thank her if you are going to use it!)(tweet her up @spinndiva)

Now it’s time to enjoy this perfect purse.



Yarn: Darn Good Yarn’s Premium Recycled Silk Sari Yarn OR Richly Dyed Premium Recycled Yarn 3-100g balls (you can also use any one of DGY’s Recycled Resolutions yarns for this project to total 300g)

Needles: US size 10

Notions: yarn needle, 15 felt balls, 1 piece of contrasting string as markers, fabric for lining (optional)


CO= cast on

k = knit stitch/es

sl = slip stitch

Rep = repeat

R = Row

st = stitch/es


Handle strip:

CO 6 st

R1: sl1, k5

Rep R1 a total of 60 times. Stretch the handle slightly.

Body of bag:

R2: sl1, k5, co 15 st with backwards loop method, place a bit of contrasting string as center marker, then co another 15 st with backwards loop method. Now making sure you don’t twist the handle strip pick up and k 6 stitches in the co edge of the knitted strip. (42 st total on your needles now) Refer to the Photo. To see how the handle is laying.

R3: sl1, k41 DO NOT MOVE THE MARKER! Tie it to the project with a simple knot so it will stay in place, but be easily removed later.

Rep R3 a total of 47 times or until piece measures approx. 7 inches without handle.

Cut yarn leaving about a 20 inch tail. Thread yarn tail through yarn needle and thread through all st on knitting needle. Thread through all stitches again.

Drop stitches off knitting needle (If you want to line the bag, now would be the time to sew the fabric to the knitting) and pull on yarn end to pull on thread until stitches scrunch together.

Use the rest of the tail to sew up the seam all the way to where the handle starts! Do not sew the handle together!

Cut another 20 inch bit of yarn. With sharp needle, thread 14 felted balls onto the yarn. Leaving a tail on each side of the felt ball chain long enough to sew. Thread both tail ends through the bag, where you left the marker in the beginning. Thread one more ball on BOTH thread tails. Now sew the tail ends securely to the bag!

This will be the “closure” for the bag.

You can make the “handle” big enough to sling around your shoulder if you like, just remember you will need more yarn if you do so! Or make the bag bigger… no problem! Just cast on more stitches between the handle edges! Instead of knitting the handle, try braiding it with multiple strands of sari silk held together! Have fun! Experiment!

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