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No Sheep Left Behind! Plusssss 10 Tips for Happy Sheep!

May 30, 2012

Once upon a time, long, long ago, a sweet little sheep named Woolamina wandered into our lives. She had a beautiful fleece and (gasp) people told me her wool was worth nothing and to throw it away. Really?? Determined to prove them wrong I set out to learn to spin yarn from that lovely sheep.


Mina led us to add a new focus to our little farm. The biggest change found us creating a private rescue for fiber animals- mainly sheep. We do not eat, trade, sell or breed our sheep. Once they find us, they are ‘stuck’ with us for the rest of their lives. Some arrive here from sad situations needing help with health issues. Most arrive as beloved family friends who are facing life changes that do not allow them to keep their friend. And of course we do purchase sheep for their cute factor now and then!  The only ‘rule’ the sheep have is to be happy, and provide us with pretty fleeces that we DO share and sell! The sale of their animal friendly wool products helps keep them supplied with their favorite Fruit Loop treats.


We offer a variety of wool types as unwashed, washed, hand dyed and natural colors along with roving and batts. We also offer our Crazy Quilt Handspun yarn. The sheep will be getting back to painting this summer so look for new gifties on their website!

Top Ten Tips For Happy Sheep

1)     Provide boxes and boxes of Fruit Loops

2)     Give us lots of hugs and smooches on our little soft noses

3)     Take us for walks around the pasture every day (but please ignore any holes in the fence so we can sneak over to greener grass on the other side!)

4)     Tell us we are not ‘bubble butts’ even if the shearer thinks so

5)     Let us sneak the keys to the truck so we can go visit the neighbor’s cute sheep

6)     Laugh as we do the zig and zag when you try to catch us running across the lawn- we are only doing this for your amusement

7)     Forget to shut the sliding glass door once in a while, we love to sleep on the back porch

8)     Read us our favorite detective novels

9)     Don’t mind us taking over your blanket while we are chatting, it is so soft and comfy

10) Love us unconditionally all our lives- just as we do you


Jim & Sandy Ryan

Home of Animal friendly wool, Crazy Quilt hand spun yarn and our seriously happy sheep!

Where sheep may safely graze

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