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My Favorite Free Pattern Sites

July 15, 2010

Nicole at the Recycling Center!

Nicole at the Recycling Center!

OK, I admit it. I’m addicted to free patterns. I love printing them out and thinking oh I’m going to do this one and that one (and yes, one day I will…girl scouts honor). But my great friend Beth just reminded me that I need to tell everyone my favorite sites to get some cool free patterns from.

If you don’ t know, I’m a knitter, so my crochet list might be limited but if you have a favorite LEAVE A COMMENT! If it’s good I’ll put in the post with “props” to you.

Let’s all work together to make this an awesome resource for us cheepies/budgeters/thrifties/savers!

Knitting (My fav!) (OMG!)

Crochet Super Creativity Going On Here! (OMG!) (Thanks Tweeter: @AllFreeCrochet)

Now it’s your turn… Help Me Help US!


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  1. shannon valk says:

    I found some cool stuff here, this was also how I found your site. It gave me a link to you netbook sleeve pattern. But I do love it, and have used it several times

  2. pat tibesar says:

    pattern for purse handles made out of pop tabs to go purse you made

  3. Katie Wells says:

    I love to Knit and crochet so many fabulous things you can make quilting is my all time fav so working with material give you ideas for all kinds of uses for left over strips. Thanks for this site AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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