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Knittynudo handcrafted curiosities- you can make one too!

March 29, 2012

Hi all!

I’m Caroline, the creator of Knittynudo!

If you haven’t found Knittynudo yet, it’s a collection of handcrafted curiosities… I daily design, knit, felt and crochet my way to happiness in creating little creatures that people can own and love. Who doesn’t love a bit of miniature cuteness? You can find the collection at: .


To get to know a little about me and Knittynudo, here are 10 strange and fun facts about us:

I am addicted to colour. Now, don’t let that fool you into thinking that it’s my way of saying I have amazing colour co-ordination skills, that I’m super-stylish, or can make up a stunning mood-board in two seconds flat, because believe me I can’t! I just LOVE colours, whether they’re delicately pale, bright and aromatic, or as dark as the deep blue sea

My first crafting experience was a knitted scarf when I was about 8 years old, which ended up like a huge wedge rather that the elegant skinny scarf I intended. My lovely Grandmother thought it must be the fashion to wear that shape and wore it anyway.

My favourite foods are grapes, I could eat them until I burst.

My favourite book is ‘The Lord of the Rings’ by J.R.R.Tolkien.

I’m an avid supporter of fair-trade, and use as much fair-trade and re-newable materials as possible in creating curiosities for Knittynudo myself!) It’s one of my ambitions to be one day more actively involved in fair-trade.

As well as a compulsive fibre-crafter I’m a writer. I have strange and incredibly vivid dreams and these are often the inspiration for both my crafting and my writing.

I play the penny whistle! I was visiting a village pub in rural Shropshire (England) and happened to be sitting in the small sitting room used by the weekly get together of the local folk music band, and I just fell in love with the jigs and the whistles and the fiddles and I bought a penny whistle the next day. I’ve never looked back (although my family might disagree!)

I never try to make the same item twice, so every little curious creature from Knittynudo is an original little friend!

I live in England, but would LOVE to one day visit India, Nepal and Tibet. I definitely feel a spiritual call!
I feel emotionally attached to everything. I really do. It makes it so difficult to create a little life and then give it away. I have real issues with getting rid of things because I feel sorry for them! (It must run in the family, because when I was young and had a balloon I’d draw a face on it, and my mum wouldn’t be able to pop it, resulting in me carrying around a rather sad deflated balloon for quite a while!) I really do try to create a character in each and every little creature I make, so there’s a little friend for everyone out there!



Everyone needs little characters in your life! Ever since my first knitted blob (literally a blue oval with two eyes) I’ve been addicted, and he’s now my traveling companion. Get a scrap piece of yarn and use simple increasing and decreasing (YouTube has fab tutorials) to make a round or wiggly shape, mattress stitch up the back, and stuff with some toy stuffing or even scrap leftover yarn. Then embroider on some simple features and you’ll have make a friend for life – literally! (I love doing this with DGY’s Recycled Resolution because you get a really textured finish!) Have a look at the Knittynudo shop to get ideas for different eyes and mouths to make up different little personalities.


Be kind to each other, and happy crafting!






Thank you so much Caroline! I can’t wait to make a little fun friend our of some scrap yarn for my desk to keep me company!


Nicole  | President   Darn Good Yarn Inc

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