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Knit with Banana Fiber Silk Yarn: Spring Fever Table Rug

January 20, 2011

banana fiber silk rug

Bridgett did it again over at If you love this pattern, you’ll love the other patterns she posts! You can follow along on her knitting and life adventures and in the meantime check out her Artfire shop:

Spring fever Banana fiber table rug

Yarn: 2 balls of Darn Good Yarn’s babana fiber yarn! YUM

You can use either 2 balls of Kaleidoscope Banana Fiber, any one of Nicole’s Recipe Banana Fiber Yarns or Darn Good Yarn’s Solid Colored Yarns. Check them all out here!

Needles: size US10 (6.0mm)

Notions: yarn needle to sew in ends


1) Your yarn may pool differently. Which means that your table rug will look different from the one in the picture! That is the beauty of handspun banana fiber! No two projects are ever alike! True one of a kinds!

2) You can make this little table rug longer or shorter by adding more repeats to the stockinette center. Just remember it will take more yarn then!


Co= cast on

k= knit stitch/es

p= purl stitch/es

sl= slip next stitch as if to purl (if on beginning of row then slip as if to knit)

psso= pass slipped stitch/es over the last stitch worked

st= stitch/es

Banana Silk Yarn


co 58 st

K one row all stitches

R1: sl1, p2, k across to last 3 st: p2, k1

R2 and all ws rows: sl1, p across to last st: k1

R3: as R1

R5: sl1, p2, k5, *k1p1k1p1k1p1 in next st, p back on those 5 stitches only! K those 5 stitches, sl 4 stitches over last st worked, k4 rep from * across to last 4 st: k1, p2, k1 ( 9 bobbles over the row)

R6: as R2
Keeping the garter edging by work main body of table rug in st st for 40 total rows

R45: as R5

R47: as R3

R49: as R1

Next row Bind off as follows:

k1, *k1, sl first stitch over second, rep from * across until all stitches are bound off.

Weave in ends

banana fiber yarnBanana Fiber Yarn

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