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Incredible Trolley Car Yarn Bomb Using Darn Good Yarn! – Darn Good Yarn

April 19, 2013

How.Cool.Is.This?! Yarn bombing is a phenomenon whereby enthusiastic knitters and crocheters find something out in public that needs to be beautified–and there’s a lot out there which can be bombed!

Trolley Car Yarn Bomb

Our dear DGYer Olga has made an INCREDIBLE yarn bomb project. It’s a trolley! On a wall! And it’s HUGE! And why do we love it even more? Olga used mostly Darn Good Yarn to make the panels. Love. :D

Honestly, this is an epic project, and Olga is a genius. Also, thank you SO much for sending us the pictures. Now we can all bask in the glory of yarn as art.

Trolley Car Yarn Bomb

Also, Olga’s fabulous trolley was just featured in a recent press release! And here’s another one too!


Nicole Snow, President of Darn Good Yarn





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