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I’m making a cute sweater

July 12, 2010

Nicole's Recipe a la Banana Fiber Yarn Do you know how diet people tell you that when you want to lose weight you should tell everyone around you so that you are held accountable? Well, I’m hoping  that same idea works for me; that is, showing you what I’m making will help me get to my finish line of making this super cute shruggy sweater out of my own recipe of Banana Fiber (which you can get by clicking here). I just started it and aside from knowing it’s my own “brew” of banana silk fiber yarn, I am so in love with the lush shiny nature of this it. I also love the little bit of lumpiness that comes with working with the banana silk fiber yarn. It just reminds me that there was a person at the other side of the creation of it not a big ol’ machine. It’s so soft too! And since I’m incredibly tough on my clothes, I know the banana fiber will hold up to my test and my washer! Nicole's Recipe a la Banana Fiber Yarn Nicole's Recipe a la Banana Fiber Yarn


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  1. Cheryl says:

    You’re right about telling everyone so you feel a stronger commitment–good for you. I just discovered your site this morning. You have one new, you-are-inspiring-me-to-do-more-knitting fan. One of my strong desires for 2011 is to do more knitting. I currently have 3 projects going–an afghan, a ski cap, and a market bag. Thanks for sharing your successes.

  2. Katie Wells says:

    Love this Idea can’t wait to start making scarfs and such this is an idea I had when I was younger woohoo glad someone came out with it

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