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How to make a tutu with recycled silk sari ribbon

December 21, 2010 owner, Nicole, walks you through the very basic steps of making a tutu. If you (as an adult) are working on this project on your own it’ll take a little over an hour. Plan for a little more time if you’re working on this with “tutu wearer” :)
Personally, I am making tutus with some children and I chose to pre-cut all of the materials so we can just get to the looping and wrapping part of making the tutu. Because I suggest fabric scissors to neatly cut the tulle and the recycled sari ribbon which you can get at I would keep those away from little fingers!

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  1. Pat Sylvester says:

    Thanks for this! Ironically I knitted gifts for most folks on my list but bought tons of tulle to make tutus for my little great niece for Christmas. She starts ballet lessons in January. I just found your website yesterday and love what you are doing!!! I also am in Utah and work as a volunteer for the Forest Service on the Green River! Loved the fly tying comment!!

    • nicole says:

      I have a nice little scar from the Green River:)) How cool! Yea, I always think when I tie flies wrap as if you’re punching your chin so I don’t forget what direction you’re going in:) I’m glad you’re liking the site:) Merry Christmas!!!

  2. jony says:

    “tutu” sweet !!!

  3. spin says:

    I want a tutu like that!!!!! :D

  4. love it.. will make for my granddaughter i who thinks she is a prima ballerina.. she is 4.. will send you pics.. AND Io really am going to make your purse with the sari yarn.. really really.. don’t give up.. shows over.. and i want to play with the sari.

  5. I don’t have any sari ribbon… but I’m definitely going to go get some. You know, I have followed you on fb for ages and this is the first time I’ve been to the site. Lol. Great vid and tutu! So unique and wicked cute! I just made tutus for the little girls in my family at request of their moms. ;) Next time, I’ll make them with the sari ribbon. I usually add satin or grosgrain ribbon for added color, but I just love the texture you’ve got going! Thanks for the great tutorial!

  6. Vicki says:

    I love that you are doing a Memorial Day Sale and thanks for allowing a few extra days. It was busy on the weekend. Just recently been buying your yarn and love it!!! So very nice of you to always take time to answer and help others (like me). I want to get more yarn, but need to know how much recycled yarn for a tutu. Please advise, so I can get my next order in.
    PS- I can’t download the video.
    Thanks in advance,

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