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Hemp and Silk Braided Bracelet – Darn Good Yarn

October 5, 2013

Our fabulous French friend, DGYer Ambre, has provided us with another great jewelry pattern!

Ambre, seen here rocking many lovely crocheted items.

This project doesn’t even require knitting or crochet!  Just some braiding and you’ll be all set.  Here’s what you need:

  • Four 32 inch lengths of Hemp Yarn
  • Four 32 inch lengths of recycled silk ribbon – Need just a little ribbon?  Click here.  Need a lot?  Click here.  Lots of different colors available either way!
  • However many beads you want to use - you could even use these felt balls if you like!
  • Something to secure the bracelet as you’re braiding.  I like using a clipboard.

1. Take 2 lengths of hemp and all 4 lengths of silk and hold them together, then fold them in half.

2. Take one of the other lengths of hemp and wrap it around the hemp and silks, making a loop for the bracelet closure. It’ll look like this:

Make sure to make the loop large enough so that the bead you put at the other end of the bracelet can pass through it to form the closure.

3. Tie off the hemp you used for wrapping, putting a dab of glue on the knot to secure it.  You now have 4 hemp strands and 8 silk strands with the loop at the top.

4. Clip the loop onto your clipboard.  You can now make 4 braids – each braid with 2 silk strands and 1 hemp strand.

5. At any point you like in the braid, thread a bead onto one of the strands so each braid has a few randomly placed beads.

6. Leave  each braid with at least 3 inches at the bottom, use one strand to tie a knot around the other 2 to secure.

7. Thread the larger bead for the closure through any length of hemp, fold the hemp over so the bead is at the end of its own loop.

8. Holding the ends of all the braids together, wrap the final piece of hemp around all of the ends, securing the closure bead as well.  Knot and dab with glue, cutting off any excess.

Wear and enjoy!

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