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Crescent Shawl Pattern Using Puffed Silk Yarn – Darn Good Yarn

February 12, 2013

Good morning everyone! Fellow Darn Good Yarner Lauren has used my puffed silk yarn in my English Garden colorway to make this gorgeous crescent shawl. This yarn looks fabulous knitted up, and is MEGA soft and squishy–exactly what you’d want wrapped around your shoulders. It also has a glamorous drape too.

Lauren used a free pattern from, and it really showcases how well sari silk yarn can knit up in traditional patterns too.

Crescent Shawl knit in English Garden Colorway from Darn Good Yarn

Items needed for the pattern:

US 6 circular needle, 24 inches

1 skein fingering weight yarn, such as English Garden or any other puffed silk yarn from my shop.

Darning needle for weaving in the ends

Crescent Shawl knit in English Garden Colorway from Darn Good Yarn

Project notes:

Lauren said she used size US 5 needles for this project instead of the recommend size US 6 because…well, she couldn’t find her size 6 needles! Happens to us all, am I right? :)

The smaller needle size also meant that the fabric knitted up to be slightly firm, but it’s still loose and drapes beautifully. You can change the needle size around a bit too, but Lauren recommends not going smaller than a size US 5 needle. Great tip!

Crescent Shawl knit in English Garden Colorway from Darn Good Yarn

Absolutely breathtaking! Thank you so much for sending me these pictures, Lauren!


Nicole Snow, President of Darn Good Yarn (


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  1. Pamela Smith says:

    It looks like the kind of piece one would love to snuggle into. How much yarn did it take? I LOVE shawls and most probably will be ordering yarn for this project. Thanks for sharing.

    • Jen says:

      That’s a great question, Pamela! I’m pretty sure she just used one skein of yarn. I sent an email to Lauren to ask about how many yards she used. Hopefully we’ll find out soon! Thanks for stopping by! <3

  2. Carolyn Anderson says:

    Might there be a pattern using this yarn for a crocheter?

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