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Confessions and Tote Bags

September 19, 2010

Need the recycled sari ribbon described in this video? Just click here! You just need 1 skein of sari ribbon, scissors, hot glue sticks and of course a hot glue gun! Learn how to make this cool tote bag in the video!

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  1. love it.. I just bought about 10 little canvas bags from Michale’s ( 75 % off0 to use as liners for small bags.. but I may just try this..

    will the one 100 gm skein cover both sides of a canvas tote and if so.. what size??

  2. nicole says:

    with 1 -100g skein you will get coverage on a 12″x12″ area! I just did one side but I’m going to make another one because I’ve been getting a lot of complements on it and I had to send mine to a shop that sells my ribbon as an example:)

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