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February 23, 2012

Good morning!

I have a slight infatuation with the comic pages, especially the Sunday Comic pages because they’re in full color. It pains be to throw them out of use them as kindling in my fireplace. This time I used them for something adorable—a flower! Top a present with one, make a series and attach them to a canvas to hang or make yourself a bouquet by integrating a few pipe cleaners as stems. OH, and I mention felt balls in the pattern. You can find them on this portion of my site:

Click on the picture to download the Free Pattern Page PDF




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  1. Karen McG says:

    It would also work with leftover scrapbook paper, gift wrap, colored tissue paper, leftover wallpaper, scraps of pretty fabric, etc.

    I will make some of these for a spring bulletin board at school. I’ll add stems and leaves, and on each leaf, I’ll write the title of a good book and print a small picture of the cover of the book. I’ll title the bulletin board “Bloomin’ Good Reading.”

    Can you tell I teach middle school reading?

    Thanks for the idea!

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