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A Free Darn Good Ponchette Knit Pattern with Recycled Sari Silk Yarn – Darn Good Yarn

April 22, 2013

Eric, you’re such a sweetheart. The Darn Good Ponchette pattern comes from the brilliant mind of Eric de Rienze, a fabulous Darn Good Yarner, and the best part is, he’s giving us this pattern for free! It uses 2 skeins of the ever popular Photon Rainbow Recycled Sari Silk yarn and 1 skein of superwash fingering wool yarn.

A Darn Good Ponchette!

The pattern alternates between using the silk yarn and using the wool yarn, so this ponchette will be super warm. By alternating these yarns, the ponchette will maintain its shape and will add some textural interest too.

Click this link for the

A Darn Good Ponchette!

Do you want to see how it looks while I’m wearing it? The video in this link will show you how great it looks (note: it’s towards the end of this short video): DGY on Wabi5

Thank you so much for making this pattern available to everyone, Eric! Are you thinking about making this ponchette? Fabulous! When you’re done, send over some pictures to the Darn Good Assistant, maggie at, , so we can all admire your handiwork, and take pleasure in the handmade movement together. :)

A Darn Good Ponchette!


Nicole Snow, President of Darn Good Yarn





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