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Part three (of 3) of Sari Ribbon and Yarn Lampshades

October 23, 2010

Done with both lampshades! Such fun and cute projects! I’m really happy with the way both of them came out. This second lampshade use about 120g of Tibet Jewels Recycled Sari Ribbon

You can also use any of the other recycled sari ribbons that Darn Good Yarn has. So, say you just want one hue in a lampshade, like turquoise, then go ahead and use our Tahiti Waters Recycled Sari Ribbon.

Just watch the videos, check out the pictures and catch the drift. It’s an easy one but wow, look at that color! Beats Anthropology’s $130 lamp shade that looks the same. Woa!


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  1. Carol MacDonald says:

    I love the lampshades but was wondering if it is a fire hazard over the bulb?

    • nicole says:

      as long as you aren’t using a wattage higher than 60 and you are not adding so much bulk from the yarn (by using too small of a lampshade) that it brings the yarn close to the bulb.

  2. Julia says:

    Fight fire with CFLs, especially the 10-watt and 13-watt lamps. They last forever andsave money.

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