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Sari Ribbon

The sari (also spelt saree) is a traditional garment worn all across the sub-continent, with variations between regions. The design and manufacturing process of the silk sari have been perfected over thousands of years, and continue to evolve. Today the sari is often produced in bulk in factories, with much of the offcut silk going to waste.

Although we have a huge selection of reclaimed silk yarns made from those offcuts, we also have some gorgeous original silk saris direct from India. As always, our partner suppliers for any sari product we stock is a fair trade women’s cooperative. We make sure that all our silk saris are ethically and sustainably produced, because we believe that looking great doesn’t need to come at a cost to others or the environment.

All our silk saris can be worn in a number of different ways; as wraps, shawls, around the waist, over the shoulder and half a hundred variations. Check out our silk saris for more info, or take a look through our patterns and kits if you want to try your hand at making one yourself! With Darn Good Yarn, you can look great and feel better!