Notions and Tools

The Industrial Revolution put an end to yarn spinning as a cornerstone of the world economy, with the spinning wheel replaced by the mechanical loom and cottage work replaced by the factory. But the beautiful art of yarn spinning is not lost to history – today it’s stronger than ever, with hobbyists and professionals rediscovering this traditional handicraft.

Our recycled sari silk is a good example of yarn spinning at its finest. Although the sari is an intricate, complex garment perfected over thousands of years of development, modern factories produce them in bulk with little regard for skill or care. They also produce masses of silk offcuts, which normally get thrown away.

We partner with yarn spinning cooperatives in Nepal and India who reclaim and recycle silk offcuts into gorgeous new yarns. We also stock quantities of undyed silk, wool and other fibers – along with swifts and other spinning supplies – so you too can try your hand at the ancient art of yarn spinning. There’s no need to buy a spinning wheel or other bulky equipment – with just a spindle and some fiber you can get started. So grab yourself some of our Darn Good Yarn and give it a spin!

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