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Cotton Yarn

Cotton yarn is a wonderfully soft and warm fiber, similar in many aspects to wool. In fact, German (and several other languages) use the term “tree wool” to describe it!

As a natural material, cotton yarn is great for those who suffer allergies to synthetic fabrics or just like to use sustainably produced organic materials. Cotton yarn can even be used as a vegan substitute for wool, if you’d prefer not to use animal labor. However, despite its versatility, cotton is of course best used with patterns designed specifically for the material (as are all materials).

Of course, part of the fun of knitting is experimenting! We have an enormous range of cotton yarn types, gauges, weights and varieties. We even have reclaimed cotton and organic cotton knit products, for those who think that beauty doesn’t need to come at the expense of Mother Earth.

Check out our range of cotton yarn and organic cotton knit clothing below, and make sure to browse our other materials for more ethical, sustainable, Darn Good Yarn!