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Jennifer Beamer: Expertly Dyed

June 16, 2011

Hi everyone!
I would love to introduce you to a wonderful artist and fellow Darn Good Yarner Jennifer. One visit to the links below and you can see that she takes the traditional and gives it a fantastic twist. Just beware, you will spend some time just looking through her collection lusting on all things fiber.. I’ve warned you:)
Below please read about Jennifer. I always like to hear about what inspires and where an artist comes from. It’s a great read. If you’re interested, click on any of the pictures to visit Jennifer’s store! Enjoy!

Nicole was my inspiration for this piece. I love her dedication to her business, but more importantly, her dedication to making a difference in the lives of women in Nepal. I appreciate all of her amazing efforts, and that her work allows me to spread the word to more audiences. I feel as though I’m doing more as a business owner and artist when I work with people who care.

I’m not a trained artist who has studied art history/theory, but I do have an excellent sense of what “goes.” With the bountiful choices given to me from Darn Good Yarns, it was easy to put together a beautiful necklace and feel good about selling it.

For the necklace, I spun the yarn from her sari silk thrums which I cut by hand and spun into a worsted weight eyelash style yarn. Because the yarn had so much active twist, I decided to not ply it and just let it twist on itself in hand form. I used some ribbon to make ties for the ends, so it is easily adjustable.

Because it’s silk, it will also keep your neck nice and warm. It can even be worn as an early fall/early spring cowl since it is very lightweight.

My science background was my inspiration for Expertly Dyed: Art by Science. Because Ive never been able to do traditional forms of art satisfactorily, I’ve turned to dyeing yarn and fiber to express my artistic flair. I dye by recipe so I can achieve 100% reproducible colorways, thus negating the need for dyelots. My mission is to provide the fiber art community with luxury items in beautiful colors at reasonable prices, while also being conscious of my environmental impact.

On occasion, I will make one of a kind items, such as fiber batts, handspun yarn, and stitch markers, which I post on my etsy shop.

Here are links to my shops and pages:

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