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Fish Eye Rugs…OMG!

October 12, 2010

When I got married, I got lucky. My mother-in-law was a craft-a-holic like me. So, our emails to each other usually consist of “oh, did you see this site”, “omg look at what I found on Etsy”. My MIL has been into hooking lately.. I still laugh calling her and her friends hookers..hehehe

But one day, my mother-in-law intro’d me to Jen of a fountain of creativity and brainchild of Fish Eye Rugs:

You will love this blog, a bit of creativity, a bit of life and really well written! And they should be! Jen also has a tremedous catalog of hooking patterns! Contact her about them through her blog:

And now for some eye candy, thanks to Jen’s blog; don’t forget to visit and support!

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