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Painting with Yarn: Fiber Art and More

April 27, 2011

Hi friends,

The internet never ceases to amaze me. I meet so many of you through email and while we might not speak on the phone, the relationship we build is wonderful.

Well, I wanted to introduce you to an amazing artist I e-met…introducing Olga de Klein. She has a website that I must insist that you check out. It’s inspirational and so wonderful. You really get caught up in Olga’s world. The site address is

Olga is a native of Amsterdam but is now residing in TN. However, her homes have included Mexico City, Acapulco through Columbia! Olga just finished up her senior thesis in fine arts at Chattanooga State and it got totally awesome accolades (not to mention it used many of the yarns here on the site–making this fiber art multi-dimensional in more ways than one!). Instead of me rambling on and on, I’ll just insert the creation through display of her thesis.

What are your thoughts? Just leave a comment below!



Olga The Fiber Artist at work!

The 3rd Panel of Olga's Exhibit

The full exhibit by Olga

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