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Easy Knit Kit: Make 3 different HIS & HER hats!

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    Denae has done it again! Our resident knitting guru has designed two hat patterns for us that utilize one skein of yarn. One pattern is a little more feminine and the other is unisex. So, we came up with a fun kit that includes the yarn plus pattern. We are sending you three different colors of yarn so you can make three different hats to your liking! 

    Darn Good Yarn has the opportunity to offer you this beautiful line of llama wool yarn from the Andes Mountains in Chile. And by purchasing it, you are helping an aging population of Chilean farmers and their llamas!

    Why should you love llama fiber?  It is a hollow fiber, which makes it extremely strong and warm.  Llama fiber is naturally antimicrobial, will not pill, it is washable, flame retardant, and durable.

    Why should you love Royal Llama fibers particularly? Their llama fiber is 100% super-de-haired.  What does that mean?  They have found a way to  mechanically separate the guard hairs and coarse fleece from the soft under coat fibers.  Basically, that means that the process that they use makes the fiber especially soft and touchable, not scratchy like some other llama fiber you may have encountered!  

    The yarn is 50 gram skeins, fine weight (#2) ; you save 10% when you purchase all 3!


    Wanna know what stitches you need to know?

    • sl1-slip one stitch - check out a tutorial video here.
    • PSSO - pass slipped stitch over: tutorial video here.
    • K2tog-knit two together: tutorial video here.
    • yo-Yarn over: tutorial video here.
    • C4B(Cable 4 back)-move first 4st to CN and hold in back, K4, K4 from CN: tutorial video here.
    • sl2tog-Slip two stitches together: here's a video:


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