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Here at Darn Good Yarn, I’m always looking to show off talents and ideas to our readers. Do you have a business, etsy store or blog your would like to promote? Contact me with your pitch and I might just let you be a guest blogger!

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  1. Sandy Ryan says:

    Your yarn is gorgeous- specially love the beaded yarn! Smooches!

  2. barbara berry says:

    I was just thinkin’ that your Rope Cording might make a great medium for macrame.

  3. Howdy! I really like this recycled silk yarn and ribbon and I do like to dye my own yarn or silk with the flowers and veg matter from my kitchen scraps and different mordants etc. Do you or this company that you help to be self sustaining women, such a beautiful idea for women caught in a man’s world to such a degree. Off Track Scuse. Anyway I am looking for undyed natural silk as mentioned above oh forgot the strands in 1 set of 12 different pcs, those are really pretty bright colors. I am riddled with arthritis, Could have worse things, but knitting is very difficult but I keep doing it to keep the joints moving. If you just sit around saying poor me and do nothing but stare out the window, you are going to lock up like a rusty key hole. So to all who suffer with Osteoarthritis, KNIT! Even if it hurts, it helps and with this site that helps women become self sustaining what more could you want, except a silk fiber that I coudl dye myself, I use kool aide and vinegar, makes really wonderful color and is not an alkaline going down my sewer pipe and into my septic mound then on into the ground and so on and so on. Best thing though is the help for disadvantaged women who are caught ni a country where they are really not allowed to earn an income and crafting is such a relaxing thing and must, as least I hope gives them joy which I have the feeling that there may not be a lot of. OK scuse the ramblings, it is the middle of the night and I hurt. Typing also helps the joints and I am also a blabber mouth. Thanks a Butt Load….Victory Lee

  4. Victory Lee here again, hate typos sorry for the misspelled words, my auto spell checker is asleep where I should be. Bye-Bye and Nighy-Night

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