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Mini Packs of Recycled Sari Silk Ribbon Now at Darn Good Yarn – Newsletter

February 14, 2013

Phew! Sorry it’s been so long since I sent an email out. Things have been CRAZY ever since we won the FedEx Small Business Grant Contest!

I’m actually doing last minute preparations for the FedEX Press Crew– They’re heading down right now to record and get a sense of what is going on. I’ll be posting pictures of the events on our Facebook ( and Twitter ( so you can get a taste of what is going on here… After all, YOU had a big part in us winning!

Make sure you let me know if there is anything in particular you’d like to see or have posted!

With that said, I have been hearing what you and the rest of your fellow Darn Good Yarn-ers have been saying… There are times where you don’t need a giant skein of fiber for a project. Maybe you just want a little bit to accent a project or maybe you need a tad more to complete the last part. Maybe you’re just looking to make some jewelry to accent your scarf!

Well, I know that times are a bit tougher now (Mike commutes and is here only a weekend or two a month.. believe me, I know…), so I want you to be able to finish ALL your projects instead of having to spend more because you needed “just that little bit for a finishing touch.”

I have created “mini” packs of some of our most popular ribbons and they are now available. They’re a little bit more expensive “per yard” because we needed to create special packaging, cut them to length, etc. but, believe me, I’m giving away for as little as I can… This is more a service to you :-)

You can do a LOT of cool things with this yarn: make jewelry, add accents to projects, add trim, create tassels, extend the length of your knitted item, etc.

For the next week, if you order $70 or more of yarn, we will throw in a FREE mini-skein of yarn of your choosing!

On top of that, if you cant choose between yarns and won’t be able to order $70+, I’m also offering a 20% discount on up to three mini-skeins of yarn if your order is $49 or more. Use code MINIRIBBON at checkout (exp 2-17)

FINALLY! I will be holding a contest. Once you get your mini-skeins of yarn, post a cool project you have completed on with them and the winner will get a $25 gift card + 10% off as well!

Stay fabulous darlings!

It’s not your grandma’s yarn! Reasonably priced, high-quality yarn that helps women in India and Nepal and gets rid of waste.


Free Shipping Experiment and more!

June 15, 2011

Hi Dahlings!

So, how’s your day going? I have some great news for you!

But first, have you joined the Darn Good Yarn page on Facebook? Be in the know for all things Darn Good Yarn, exclusive sales, craft ideas and so much more. Just click this link and “Like” the page!

While you’re at it (and if you’re not already) friend me too! Just follow this link:


**Thank you for the “Like”!** :)

Next up, I’m running a little experiment. From now until next Friday–

US orders over $25 will ship for free!

Canada and the UK will still have a flat rate. At the end of next week I need to make sure that everyone we’re helping in India and Nepal are getting a fair wage for their work and that we can afford to purchase more yarn!

And now for the last big announcement! Although I announced this on facebook (another reason you should “like” the group) Did you know that Mikey and I are moving to Maine in 2 weeks? I am so excited! But that means that I won’t be able to ship between June 25th and about July 14th. So you can still place orders on the site they just won’t ship until I get up and running again. So again,

No Orders Will Be Shipped Between Jun 25 and Jul 14th

Thank you for all of your support!

It means the world to us and the countless women we all continue to help!

Nicole, Mike and Squeakers



If you have any questions, feel free to call: 888-747-4592





Wednesday/Thursday Update!

June 1, 2011

Well Howdy-do!

I love June so much..because my birthday is at the end of the month. While I’m turning 29, I act like such a little kid around it except with lots more champagne:) Just ask Mike…he came home once to see me halfway through my Carvel cake with no remorse whatsoever (yes I have a terrible sweet tooth–man those crunchy things are AWESOME!!!) But the weather is getting nicer and I can wear my caftans around now without getting too crazy of looks when I go food shopping. Yippee for summer!

Click the yarn to view the new arrivals

Last week was nuts! I got some test ribbons and a new sari silk cord in. If you haven’t been to the site I do have some colors left in stock but others have flown out of here. But if you’re too late for your favorite color don’t fret. Just be sure to visit the item that is sold out and fill your email address out for a stock notification and I’ll email you when I get more in stock. Right now I think it will be about 6 weeks (these yarns and ribbons take a long time to make!!!) If you would like to view the new items on the site please be sure to click here.


With that being said, when I have new yarns I generally post them to facebook. So if you’re not a friend with me or Darn Good Yarn, go ahead and get connected!

Friend me personally (I don’t bite:) ):

And then join the Darn Good Yarn group:!/pages/Darn-Good-Yarn/85866917614

In other news, I’ve decided to do a grab bag option for the Recycled Resolutions yarn. It’s super duper discounted and it’s for my oddballs in color. So, if you’re looking to take a walk on the wild side then this is a big score! Click here to check it out and be sure to review the drop down menu because you get big discounts when you buy in 10′s and 20′s

For the rest of the week be sure to follow the blog. I’m going to talk about a cool project Darn Good Yarn helped out with a girl scouts’ group and if I’m reallllllly good, another free pattern will be coming your way. Do you remember where the blog is? If not, just click here

Thank you for all of your support!


Nicole, Mikey and Squeakers

(do you think we should have a!)




Click here to get your free pdf download of “Abask”!


Ready to make yours?

Check out the colors, perfect for this project by clicking here


Monday Update! Sari Ribbon Shrug Pattern–DONE!

May 16, 2011

Salt Lake Sari Ribbon Shrug 002Not bad for a Monday…

OK, I am so excited because I have finished up a knitted shrug pattern for you. If you have watched the blog since Friday you will know that I well… ran into some problems to put it lightly. If you would like to see the comedy of errors (which includes cutting the wrong sleeve off), visit this blog post: Friday the 13th Strikes at Darn Good Yarn

But now the Abask Recycled Sari Ribbon Shrug Pattern is DONE and I’ve decided to make it a freebie!

And you can download the pdf by clicking on this link below (you might have to scroll):

Click here to get your free pdf download of “Abask”!


Ready to make yours?



Check out the colors, perfect for this project by clicking here or on any of the pictures

Thank you for all of your support!


Nicole, Mikey and Squeakers




Recycled Silk Yarn Saves the Day

April 30, 2011

Recycled Silk YarnHi there!

Did you have a nice week? Happy it’s the weekend?

The current events lately have been just crazy. And my heart goes out to those in the southern part of the US that have been affected by these storms.

In the spirit of Darn Good Yarn, for every ball of Gumball Recycled Silk Yarn sold on the site this weekend, $.50 will go to the American Red Cross to help.

To check out the selection of Gumball Recycled Silks, please visit this link:

*** ***

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Thank you for your continued support in helping me help women on the other side of world to right into our own backyard.


Friday’s Update: New Recycled Silk Yarn

April 22, 2011

Watch the video recap here:

Happy Friday to you!

What a wild week. Wow!

Wanna get the dirt on DGY? Check out the interview on the brand new Find the interview here and show some love to the co-founder and fellow Darn Good Yarner Katherine:

And now to the yarn…

Recycled Silk YarnRecycled Silk Yarn

A new shipment of yarn means that you can check out new colors of banana fiber, new colors of “Gumball” recycled silk yarn, spinning fibers and some fun notions.

27 Exclusive DGY Blends!!!



Recycled-Silk-Yarn Sari-Silk-Yarn 081Recycled-Silk-Yarn Sari-Silk-Yarn 138Recycled-Silk-Yarn Sari-Silk-Yarn 094

And in celebration of Earth Day, I have a special offer for the Premium Recycled Silk on the site.

Get 30% off a 20 pack of the Premium Recycled Silk Yarn:


Hurry, because this sale is only good until Sunday 4-24

If you didn’t see the new kimono jacket pattern I posted last week, be sure to visit this link (click me) to check it out!


Lastly, a hearty thank you to those of you who purchased yarn from Darn Good Yarn in this last month. We were able to donate $200 to the Red Cross for the on-going disaster in Japan.


Enjoy all of the new goodies and have a great weekend.


Thank you for all of your support!


Nicole, Mikey and Squeakers


And is you want to be super cool--share this newsletter with your friends! I’ll tweet and FB a link too.



Dec 2010 Newsletter

December 9, 2010

Hi there!

How’s the holiday shopping going? Are you making a lot of projects? I’m falling a little behind schedule but as I cross loved one’s gifts off my list I can’t help but think of all of the women we have all helped this year. You truly are amazing and your support through the year has meant the world to these women who hand make the yarns you have grown to love.

But, I REALLY want to help a lot of people this holiday season! And knowing that you love making a difference like I do I had a great idea. So, you already know about Darn Good Yarn’s year-round deal when you purchase 5 yarns you get a 6th yarn for free…

Well, here is something HUGE! From now until Dec 31 when you purchase four yarns, get the fifth one for free!

All you need to do is add the 4 yarns to your cart and message me as what you’d like your 5th yarn (of equal or lesser value) to be! Consider it my gift to you!

What an amazing gift you can give to your loved one or yourself! Fair trade yarn created by women. You will be providing not just a gift to your loved ones but the tremendous gift of support to others who desperately need it.

Fellow Darn Good Yarner, Stephanie, said “Divine does not even begin to describe the yarn and its colours…. Thank you again so much for having such a wonderful and socially conscious product.

Be sure to tell your friends about this too! It’s a great deal and great cause.

Namaste and love,

Nicole, Mike and Squeakers

PS- Don’t forget that this “five yarns for the price of four” deal isn’t just going to help you, it is also going to help countless women in Nepal and India!

I hate risk!

September 23, 2010

Introducing Darn Good Yarn’s new return policy! Within 30 days of your purchase, if you’re not thrilled with your yarn (even if you started using it) send it back to us for a full refund (including shipping). Now trying out our awesome yarns is 100% Risk Free!

Video loading…

Read more on our FAQ’s page!

Darn Good Yarn’s Return Policy

September 23, 2010

Please note this fantastic return policy is for the yarn purchased on my site, not ebay (Ebay is a 14 days in original condition–sorry it’s more strict, their fees make it very restrictive, feel free to order through this site and get a better deal anyway!).

Q: What’s your return policy?
A: Did you ever hear that commercial that talks about happy cheese comes from happy cows? Well, happy crafts come from happy Darn Good Yarn-ers. I (Nicole, the owner of Darn Good Yarn) know that shopping online can suck sometimes. When it comes to yarn, it’s a tactile experience… mmm to run your fingers over the yarn. So, shopping for these jewels online takes a wind out of the sales a little (but luckily I charge a lot less than your LYS, you’re still supporting one very small business and you can shop in your PJ’s at my store).

But, this is why Darn Good Yarn is so, well, Darn Good. Try it, Feel it, Love it, Hate it, Use it, Stare at it. If you’re not pleased with it (even if you’ve started crafting with it), send it all back in 30 and I’ll refund you even the shipping. Trying Darn Good Yarn is 100% Risk Free If you’ve started using it and you’re not delighted, just stop, take it off the needles, put it in the box and send it back to me. You have 30 days from placing the order, International orders have 40 days from placing the order. Prior to returning any yarn, please contact us at with the reason and what exactly you’re returning.

Fall 2010 Darn Good Yarn Newsletter

August 26, 2010

Hi Darn Good Yarners,

I got freaked out yesterday when I realized I needed to start crafting to get ready for the….gulp… holidays.

Then I realized, I had to let you know that

Darn Good Yarn is going to be CLOSED Sept 23- October 5th.

Me and the Official Husband of Darn Good Yarn are taking a little break! :-D

So, stock up now! And check out the new yarns and sari ribbons we’ve added in the last week.

Are you part of the club yet?

The club that gets you 10% off EVERY ITEM on Darn Good Yarn!

Getting the discount is simple! Just join the club! Purchase the Darn Good Yarn Club Coupon and we’ll send you a personalized coupon code which you can use forever and you’ll get 10% off of all your purchases!

Click here to get info on saving 10% forever!


Want it for FREE?

Send your friends (Ravelry buddies, yoga gurus, cooking class partners…you get the idea) to Darn Good Yarn. If they make purchases of at least $10, make sure they tell you. Send us ( the list of your 5 friends who made purchases and we’ll send you a big thank you as well as your own 10% off code good forever! Cooooool!

And remember this: when you purchase this yarn from DarnGoodYarn you are making a difference in women’s lives in Nepal and India. You are providing jobs that help people out of severe poverty. You’re making a difference.

Have a wonderful day, keep those WIPs and finished project pictures coming in! Send them to and we’ll post them under a section of the site made just for you: Darn Good Yarner’s Projects

Much love and thank you for all of your great support,

Nicole (Mike, the super sweet, official husband of Darn Good Yarn and of course Squeakers, the ever-snoring mini-schnauzer)