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River Colors Yarn Store

June 28, 2011

River Colors offer luxury yarn, knitting supplies and accessories from the industry leading manufacturers. River Colors offer a multitude of yarn colors, weights and fibers. When you buy yarn online at you’ll receive the same high quantity products offered in there Ohio yarn Store.

Jewelry Design with Recycled Yarns!

June 13, 2011

Good morning dahlings!


So this morning, I needed to show the wonderful creations that Michelle has put together (ummm see above!!!) Michelle is an amazing jewelry designer and in her latest creations she’s integrated some of Darn Good Yarn’s very own Recycled Silk Sari Yarn, Ribbon and Banana Fiber Yarn.


Please take a moment and check out the posting here to get your inspiration:

and if you would like to learn more about what Michelle is up to go and visit her full site:


Happy Monday everyone! Hope you had a great weekend!




New Silk Sari Ribbon and Allergies Attack!

May 27, 2011

Victorian Rose Sari Silk RibbonHoly moly,

It’s finally Friday and just after 10am to boot…where did my morning go? Oh I know where…watch the video to find out! Also, have you seen the new Silk Sari Ribbon colors? If not, check them out here: New Sari Ribbon Colors


Also, the shop that was featured in the video below is

Taming of the Ewe
26 Public Square SW, Jacksonville, AL 36265 (256) 727-7081 ‎
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Way to go Detta!


Oh and if you’re interested, my new site that I just launched is called


Have a wonderful day everyone!



UPDATE!Friday the 13th strikes Darn Good Yarn

May 13, 2011

Hi Everyone!


Friday the 13th strikes Darn Good Yarn!!! Have a chuckle and watch the video. I also feature a new recycled silk bracelet in the vid that I think you will love!


and now a 2:30p update… the shrug is done!





If I’m fat in my bathing suit… Wednesday 5-11 update last days to get 10% off too

May 11, 2011

Hi everyone,


So, it’s officially a hump day here at Darn Good Yarn but that’s good because I’m making something out of recycled sari ribbon yarn but, you’re just to have to watch the video to see what it is:) You’ll also see why I don’t care if I’m fat in my bathing suit this year:)


And remember, there is only a few days left to get 10% off the Original Premium Recycled Silk Yarn! Hurry!




Friday Update At Darn Good Yarn New Recycled Silk Yarn, Knitting Needles and More!

April 29, 2011

Hi friends!

Happy wedding day and happy Friday!

Here is your weekly update! Recycled Silk Yarn, the popular 1 skein sari ribbon scarf and more!

and see what really happens at Darn Good Yarn here:


Creative Gift Wrap

April 25, 2011

Hello Click the image to vist the site and see some DGY ribbon at work!

Happy Monday Friends!


For those of you who purchase your yarn from Darn Good Yarn, you know that I love to wrap up your yarn in purple tissue paper and use bits of recycled yarn and ribbon.

I really feel honored that you want to try out Darn Good Yarn, or your coming back for seconds or thirds…or….

So, in the same way your purchases at Darn Good Yarn are gifts, I want you to have the yarn presented to you as gift…an affordable luxury!

But in that same light, I love seeing what the latest trends in wrapping gifts are. The one thing I’ve learned since starting Darn Good Yarn is that the wrapping is half the fun of the gift. That’s why I want to re-introduce you to Charissa at

The site is an amazing collection of eye candy and total inspiration. I mean, hello, have you seen the photography?! Charissa is really an artist and I just had to share this great blog with you. She is the master of creative gift wrapping.

Again, be sure to visit, and show my friend some Darn Good Yarn-esque support!


Have a wonderful week and tell me what’s the coolest wrap job you’ve done lately?!




Sunday Update!

April 10, 2011

Hi friends!

A rare Sunday update but I’m just too excited… I have to show… here’s the video!!!!



120 gallons later– The Friday Darn Good Yarn Update

April 8, 2011

Thursday Update! Progress on the Kimono Jacket

April 7, 2011

Hi friends,

I hope you’re having a great day. I’ve been knitting all morning but alas I need to do some “work work”. But as soon as I’m done I’m going back to finishing this kimono jacket because I am seriously having a blast with it. The colors are just my cup of tea!

What do you think?