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Darn Good Yarn wins Schenectady Good News Award!!!

April 20, 2015

We’re honored to announce that Darn Good Yarn won Schenectady Chamber of Commerce’s Good News Award!  This award is given annually to businesses in Schenectady that have “survived through economic ups and downs, shown extraordinary community support, undergone major growth or expansion, launched a unique project or service with in the past year, or are simply a true success.”  There will be a luncheon on Friday, April 30, 2015 to honor all of the winners.  If you’re in the area, we’d love to see you there!  You can find more details here.

Darn Good Yarn is a Dream Big America Champion!!!

November 3, 2014

Thanks to all of our amazing fans and friends, Darn Good Yarn won the Dream Big America contest!  Nicole pitched the concept of Darn Good Yarn against two other competitors and then the voting began.  First, we won the weekly contest, and then the next week, we competed  against the weekly winners for the month of October and won again!  As winners, Darn Good Yarn will receive mentoring and marketing advice that will help further our mission.  Nicole said it best in her pitch, “For Darn Good Yarn, success is about the number of families we are able to provide with sustainable, year-round jobs. It is about the number of pounds of waste we are able to save from being thrown in the landfill.  It’s not about creating a one-time crafting fad, but about helping to integrate these reclaimed and recycled craft products into everyone’s stash, and as a result, create sustainable and viable work for the women who are making those products. We want to extend the reach of our good to as many families as possible and create connection from our producer to our consumer.”

Dream Big America “provides a modern-day platform for entrepreneurs across America to learn, interact, and discover the resources needed to get great ideas to market.”  Darn Good Yarn is excited to continue it’s adventure with Dream Big America, learn along the way and ultimately increase the reach of our products and brand to be able to help more families in India and Nepal.  This is bigger than just yarn and we are grateful for your support!  Thank you to all who voted for us!

Darn Good Yarn is based in Schenectady, NY.  For more information, check the press release from Dream Big America.

VOTE for Nicole on Dream Big America!!

October 17, 2014

Hey Everyone!  This morning Nicole was a contestant on Dream Big America!  It’s a radio show contest highlighting entrepreneurs in the US that have big ideas.  Nicole gave a fabulous two minute pitch about the concept behind Darn Good Yarn and shared our story.  You can listen to the whole show or just Nicole’s pitch HERE.

And now, we need your vote!  Voting started this morning at 9 am ET with the start of the show and will go until next Thursday, October 23 at 5 pm.  If Darn Good Yarn wins this weeks contest, we will advance to the monthly finals where we will compete with the weekly winners from this month.  You can vote right HERE on the main page of Dream Big America.

To read more about this week’s contestants and the Dream Big America program, check out this article in Virtual Strategy Magazine about this week’s show HERE.

Darn Good Yarn & FedEx Both Love Small Business!

January 20, 2014

Thanks to all the support of fabulous Darn Good Yarners, a unique and innovative business plan, and the dedicated passion of DGY owner Nicole Snow, Darn Good Yarn was the first Grand Prize winner of the FedEx Small Business Grant last year.  We won $25,000 to help expand Darn Good Yarn, support more women in India, Nepal and now Chile, and bring the best products to you!  Working with FedEx has helped Darn Good Yarn reach more people, save money along the way, and ship faster despite being located in a tiny, often snow-bound town in Maine.

See FedEx in action and see the lovely video created after Nicole won the grant last year here.

After the success of the first Small Business Grant, FedEx is offering another one this year!  Hear more about what Nicole and one of the other winners, Danny Catullo, were able to accomplish with their winnings.

Darn Good Yarn is a very small business indeed (feel free to get to know all of the Darn Good Employees here!) and we try to support other small businesses.  Not only do we support micro-enterprises and small businesses in India, Nepal and Chile, we also try to help out Darn Good Yarners and their businesses with our great wholesale opportunities.  (Learn about those here.)  FedEx wants to help small businesses too!  They are again giving away $50,000 in grants to 10 small businesses.  Check out their grand announcement here.

If you have a small business, or know one you’d like to support, make sure you tell them all about this great opportunity.  Here’s the vital stats:

Register your business or vote for one you’d like to support at

Need tips on the best way to win?  Check out recommendations from last year’s winners, Nicole included,  here.

Spread the word and make sure to support the business you love!  And in the meantime, Happy Crafting.  :)


Vote for me!

October 29, 2012

Hey there!
You read that right! I’m giving away free yarn… And not just to one of our DGY-ers… But to FIFTEEN.
As you already know, we are running in a FedEx contest and looking to get a grant so we can grow the company, help more of the women in Nepal and India become self-sufficient and provide for their families, and, of course, bring more fabulous yarn to you!
This is obviously very important to me because of what it means to those women I started Darn Good Yarn for and for all of you who create beautiful projects…
So, here is the deal! If we can get 2750 votes by Oct 2 then I will be giving fifteen of those who voted a free hank of reclaimed silk yarn… And one person will be getting a $50 gift card as well!
But… Here is the deal… You can up your chances to win… You can have up to TWENTY EIGHT chances to win!

After you vote, post on the Darn Good Yarn Facebook page or on the Darn Good Yarn blog (click here) saying that “I voted” (that’s one entry!). Then, share the contest with your friends, and I’ll give you another entry!
But… The other twenty six entries?
Well, this contest is going on until November 24th… And you can vote once a day! Just post saying you’ve voted again and you’ll get another entry… Up to 26 more!
Free yarn and shopping sprees while getting access to more yarn and helping women across the globe improve their lives?
Sounds phenomenal :)
In case you missed the link, vote for Darn Good Yarn and enter yourself to win yarn and shopping sprees here:
Talk soon, and, as always, if you have any questions shoot me an email or give me a call!

It’s not your grandma’s yarn! Reasonably priced, high-quality yarn that helps women in India and Nepal and gets rid of waste.

Like us and win a cool Reclaimed Silk Scarf

September 25, 2012

Name this Yarn Color and you could win a free skein: Ends 5-19-12

May 16, 2012

Hi Darlings!

So, I know in the past I’ve had yarn naming contests on my facebook page ( But I didn’t realize that I could have lost the whole Darn Good Yarn page there by having these fun contests. So, here’s the deal: Post your idea for what these color names should be as comment on this blog.

Be sure to complete your email address when you post your comment here so I can contact you if you win! The winners will get the yarn color named from their entry and they will get a free skein sent to them!

The other thing I ask is that you also “like” and share Darn Good Yarn on facebook because that’s how I’m able to continue to keep new yarns always coming in and keep the fun going on! My facebook page is: (you can friend me personally too–I  love that! and share this with your friends.


I’ll announce the winners on facebook and on this blog.

Good luck!


P.S. If you click on the yarn pictures below you will have the opportunity to purchase them on sale right now during the contest!


Ribbon #1

Ribbon #2

And the winners are…..

April 4, 2011

Hi friends,

OK this was so tough. The one terrible downside to these contests is choosing. I personally hate it because there are usually some good ones out there! This time it was really tough because I had over 300 entries… um holy smokes! And they were all super inventive. But alas, I had to take a big-girl-pill and pick one even though I felt like kicking and screaming.

So, below are the names of the winners of the silk sari ribbon color naming challenge!
Congrats and stay tuned for the next contest, you could be the next winner! But for today, these winners will get a free skein of the color they won for!

And for this week, these new colors will be on sale! So get ‘em while they’re hot!


"Singing the Blues" by Joanne Click to check the yarn out

"Purple Reign" by Chiara Click to check out the yarn!

"Dream of Mermaids" by Denise Click to view

"Brushed Bronze" by Kelli Click to view more!

"Moonscape" by Berkeley Click to see more!

Leaping Lizards by Honor Click to see more!

Yarn Contest-Win Sari Ribbon!!!

March 30, 2011

Hi friends,

I just got 6 wonderful new and exclusive recycled silk sari ribbons in yesterday. They need your help in getting named! So, not only will you get your name published with the yarn but you will also get a free skein of the yarn if you are chosen the color’s winner!.

So to enter, just comment to this post with the number and the color name you think each yarn should have. If you would like to purchase any of the yarns now, just click on any of the pictures to be redirected!

Good luck my dears– this contest will end on April 3rd



Yarn #1

Yarn #2

Yarn #3

Yarn #4

Yarn #5

Yarn #6

Winners of Nicole’s 2011 Winter Recipe Banana Fiber Yarn Color Naming Contest

December 21, 2010

Happy Winter my dears!

The first day of winter and I am getting blasted with snow here! Poor Mikey had to drive to work in this mess.

Did you see the new “How to make a tutu” post I set up this morning? If not, click here

But I wanted to share the results of the yarn color naming contest with you for the Winter 2011 Collection of Nicole’s Recipe Banana Fiber Yarn (or Nicole’s Recipe for short). I love the names you came up with.

Perhaps because it’s chilly here the winner of Yarn #1 goes to Brett H with “All Iced Up”. With the hues of a chilly blue, icey purple and a splash of sea foam green, “All Iced Up” seemed perfect to me!

For Yarn #2 Jo Karen M won with “Golden Gate Sunset”. Perhaps I’m missing wine country up in that neck of the woods or I have fond memories of driving back from Muir Woods north of San Fran and knowing exactly what Jo Karen is talking about.

Also, I’ll keep these yarns on sale until the end of the year. And how wonderful- because I am also running to promotion of when you purchase any 4 yarns on the site you get a 5th for free!

Thank you to everyone who participated. Lots more yarn and ribbon on the way so there is always an opportunity to win!



Yarn #1

Yarn #2