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All about Faith.... the designer!

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So you might remember I asked Chriss (our great crocheter) what inspires her: you read about it by clicking here.

But I had to ask our great knitter Faith the same thing. Read what she has to say!

Click here for Faith's Slipper Pattern
Click here for Faith's Slipper Pattern

I've been knitting since I was in my early teens. I made myself sweaters and ponchos and the like. I earned some of my money for university knitting sweaters. I hadn't been knitting much lately except out of necessity (I go through a lot of mittens), but I found Darn Good Yarn by accident this summer. I was entranced by the yarn and intrigued by the 80 ways to save the earth tote bag. I ordered some of the yarn. When I decided to make the tote smaller than the pattern called for, I had leftover yarn, so I decided to make mittens. Silk is supposed to be the warmest thing to wear in the winter. They turned out well, so I figured I'd try socks, something I hadn't knit since I was about 14. This meant ordering more yarn. I was working on them while on vacation, and my daughter and I wandered into a fancy yarn shop in Charlottetown. She fell in love with thrummed mittens, so I figured out how to make those. Her sister needed a pair after seeing them, naturally. By this time I was totally in love with the silk. Nicole was looking for designers, and every time I looked at the silk I came up with another idea for how to use it. We started collaborating, and there you are.

I also design cross-stitch and blackwork patterns and write for various publications, including a review zine.

Click Here Tibet Sari Silk Poncho Knit Pattern By Faith!
Click Here Tibet Sari Silk Poncho Knit Pattern By Faith!
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