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So, welcome to Darn Good Yarn! We’re a small brand looking to do big things! And luckily getting Darn Good Yarn down to your neck of the woods has become a lot less expensive due to a technology upgrade we made here!

If you live in Australia, you can now enjoy local shipping rates from NSW! This is great news because it cuts your cost in half and we are able to provide superior tracking and customs clearance thanks to FedEx. So, here’s how it works… every 2-3 weeks, we dispatch a shipment from my home (that’s where Darn Good Yarn lives!) in northern Maine, USA that goes to the fabulous Karleigh in NSW. From there she ships it to you through the Australian postal system. So, the time to have it land on your door stays about the same but now we can save you a pile of money for cooler things like more yarn and Darn Good World goodies!

If you have any questions, let us know!

The Darn Good Yarn Girls