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Darn Good Yarn & FedEx Both Love Small Business!

January 20, 2014

Thanks to all the support of fabulous Darn Good Yarners, a unique and innovative business plan, and the dedicated passion of DGY owner Nicole Snow, Darn Good Yarn was the first Grand Prize winner of the FedEx Small Business Grant last year.  We won $25,000 to help expand Darn Good Yarn, support more women in India, Nepal and now Chile, and bring the best products to you!  Working with FedEx has helped Darn Good Yarn reach more people, save money along the way, and ship faster despite being located in a tiny, often snow-bound town in Maine.

See FedEx in action and see the lovely video created after Nicole won the grant last year here.

After the success of the first Small Business Grant, FedEx is offering another one this year!  Hear more about what Nicole and one of the other winners, Danny Catullo, were able to accomplish with their winnings.

Darn Good Yarn is a very small business indeed (feel free to get to know all of the Darn Good Employees here!) and we try to support other small businesses.  Not only do we support micro-enterprises and small businesses in India, Nepal and Chile, we also try to help out Darn Good Yarners and their businesses with our great wholesale opportunities.  (Learn about those here.)  FedEx wants to help small businesses too!  They are again giving away $50,000 in grants to 10 small businesses.  Check out their grand announcement here.

If you have a small business, or know one you’d like to support, make sure you tell them all about this great opportunity.  Here’s the vital stats:

Register your business or vote for one you’d like to support at

Need tips on the best way to win?  Check out recommendations from last year’s winners, Nicole included,  here.

Spread the word and make sure to support the business you love!  And in the meantime, Happy Crafting.  :)


Darn Good Projects from Darn Good Yarners

January 12, 2014

Here at Darn Good Yarn, we love getting pictures and stories of projects Darn Good Yarners have created using our many products.  These are a couple we wanted to share!

Some gorgeous projects that caught our eyes are by a husband and wife team of Larry and Julie.  While they both have day-jobs, they both are dedicated and talented crafters on the side.  Larry makes lovely wood-turned vessels – you can check them out on his blog here.  I took a wood-turning class myself once, and absolutely loved it.  I did discover that: a) wood shavings get EVERYWHERE when you are working, b) I would have gouged a line through my own nose if it wasn’t for the very important precaution of face-shields, and c) people who can make a balanced, evenly-walled wood-turned vessel are amazing craftsmen and artists.

Julie is a very talented quilter with a great eye for color and pattern.  I’m still sleeping under an amazing quilt my mom made for me when I left to go to college, so I have a soft spot for a great quilt.  She has a fantastic blog where you can avidly follow her latest creations here.  (As a quick aside, did you know Darn Good Yarn has great sari fabric you could use for your own quilting?  We do!  Check it out here.)

This crafty team joined their wood-turning skills and fiber skills to create some unique and interesting work!

Julie told me all about her process: “Larry had turned a thin-walled (about 1/8th inch thick) hollow vessel from a box elder log, but hadn’t done anything else with it.
I had recently ordered some of DGY’s newspaper yarn, intending to use it instead of ribbon when wrapping gifts.  Then a light bulb moment happened.
I finished the interior of the vessel using Annie Sloan’s Emperor’s Silk (red) chalk paint and a coat of her dark wax.  Then I settled in and started wrapping the exterior with DGY’s newspaper yarn.  I started at the bottom; soaking the yarn with thick white glue then pressing it onto the vessel, applying pressure until the tacky yarn stayed in place.  Slowly, I wound my way to the upper edge.  As the glue dried, it hardened the yarn and created a clear durable finish.  Late Breaking News has gotten rave reviews from all who have seen it in person.”
Using a similar method with Mod-Podge and 2 skeins of our Blender Live Wire Sari Yarn, she also created this beautiful piece:
Julie had some other great ideas to share using this same technique: “Re-purpose a boring clear glass florist’s vase to create something unique.  Wrap the exterior of a chipped or worn bowl (display with seasonal fruit or holiday items).  Re-purpose and wrap a sturdy box to create storage for magazines or books.  Wrap a wreath form, then decorate.”  She also said she uses her own Darn Good Yarn stash for: “…wrapping gifts.  I’ve even used some to tie special ornaments on our Christmas tree (think ‘tying your shoe laces’).   Fabulous colors and textures!”  Thanks, Julie and Larry!  We love your work!
Want to share your own unique Darn Good Yarn project with us?  Email me, Marissa, at or Maggie at
Happy Crafting!
Marissa :)