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Some of the people (and llamas!) DGY wants to visit!

Some of the people (and llamas!) DGY wants to visit!

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    I am so glad I found you, I’ve been searching the web, but for some reason, I came upon a story about my NATIVE COUNTRY, CHILE, S.A.
    I am Chilean and live in Maryland, but go every year to my country for 4 months during the summer there, winter here.
    I see your interest in traveling to Chile, how can I help you? I’ll be glad to give you information.
    I was looking at your blog, because I want to buy some yarn and learn how to make bracelets, I am 63 and still looking for new things to make. Do you have any bags filled with yarn at a wholesale price? I have 2 daughter’s Constanza and Carolina and Pablo my boy.
    Let me know how I can help. So nice seeing people with interest’s like yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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