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Expand your Business, Love your Local Chamber of Commerce!

October 29, 2013

Recently Nicole Snow, owner extraordinaire of Darn Good Yarn, had a chat with Denise Buzzelli, the Executive Director of the Piscataquis Chamber of Commerce.  Piscataquis county, according to Google, is the least populous county in Maine.   You can totally invite the Director of the Chamber of Commerce over to your house for a chat if you live there.  You especially can if you’ve been working together to help local small businesses and micro-entrepreneurs!  In this video, Nicole discusses how awesome it is to have community support, the need for diversification of industry, and some courses she will be teaching at the Chamber of Commerce.  These classes may be going online, so keep an eye out!  You can also subscribe to the Darn Good Yarn YouTube channel here.

-Marissa :)


New Pattern: Sari Ribbon Cowl

October 25, 2013

An excerpt from Patterns

If you are like me, you may find you cannot stop yourself from buying gorgeous yarn even if you have no idea what project you will use it for.  "This Recycled Sari Ribbon yarn is amazing!" you may find yourself saying. …

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How’d You Do That? Discover Unique Ways DGYers Use Their Yarn

October 22, 2013

With the wonderful and unique yarns that Darn Good Yarn offers, we often get to see that yarn used in unique ways!  Sharon of Abingdon, Virginia put her very own spin on her Darn Good Yarn purchases.  In more ways than one.

She sent us this picture of her great project, a beautiful table runner she made as a gift for her new daughter-in-law.

In this project, she used about 9 skeins of silk sari ribbon in bridal white and a purple/turquoise mix.  Need to snap up some sari ribbon of your own?  Just click here.

When I first saw this project, I had no idea how it was made.  I emailed Sharon and she let me in on the secret.  She wove it on her very own traditional peg loom.  Now, I consider myself pretty die-hard in my fiber appreciation, but I had never even heard of it.  She had anticipated this, and sent me this helpful picture:

Now, of course, I want one of my very own.  You get to weave without a giant intimidating loom!  I plan on looking one up soon.  But Sharon didn’t just weave her ribbon, she put her own “spin” on the fiber – with her Ashford Country Spinner II spinning wheel.  She described her spinning for me: “I spin custom yarns, mostly for my mother, who is a weaver.  My yarns are different than traditional yarns, not really artsy with bling, but more raw and natural as I try to keep the integrity of the locks and fiber intact.  I spin mostly Alpaca and Sheep wool – I try to use the local farms as much as possible.”  She spun the ribbon just enough to put a light twist into it, and added her own turquoise and purple merino wool with the ribbon in the center.  Here’s a closer look at her work:

Have these gorgeous hues inspired you to get out your spinning wheel?  Darn Good Yarn has roving and batts for spinning!  Find them here.

Sharon definitely thinks outside the box when it comes to fiber manipulation.  She told me all about her newest project: “My newest venture is spinning the silk and fabric from old weddings gowns into a useable yarn for brides to make a shawl, purse, or keepsake blanket.  There are so many wedding gowns in attics not being used!  I try to balance the spinning between work, my horses and my chickens.  :)   Although, if I could, I would spin 24 hours a day!!!”

I fully agree with her there.  She said she would welcome any questions about her spinning projects, peg looms, or custom orders.  Just email her at!

Want to share your Darn Good Yarn project with other fiber lovers?  Just email me at

Happy Crafting!

Marissa, Darn Good Yarn blogger

New Pattern: Gorgeous Banana Fiber Shawl

October 15, 2013

An excerpt from Patterns

If you’ve been following Darn Good Yarn on Facebook, you probably saw this amazing shawl a few days ago. If you haven’t been following DGY on Facebook, why not?  Hurry and click here to get all the news about new…

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New Pattern: “Athena’s Dream” Bracelet Tutorial

October 15, 2013

An excerpt from Patterns

Our prolific jewelry designer and friend of DGY Ambre has shared another great project with us!  This one is a quick and fun crocheted bracelet.  The only stitches you need to know are the slip stitch and half-double crochet stitch. …

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Support a great DGY fiber artist!

October 9, 2013

A great friend of Darn Good Yarn, Rebecca Duran, is taking her love of all things fiber inspired to the next level and opening her own store!  If you live in or around Savage, Maryland, get over there right away!  Her grand opening is this Friday, October 11th, and she is doing a fabulous giveaway, including some Darn Good Yarn products!

Rebecca exemplifies the practices we follow and love to see here at DGY.  She works only with Fair Trade imports, and all of her other items are American Made.  She also spins wool from local farms, is a feature at the Laurel, MD farmers’ market, and was just recently awarded the Military Spouse Business Association’s 1st Annual Red, White and Blue Awards.  Wow!  Not that we’re prejudiced or anything, but she said some nice stuff about us, too.  Check out her blog here to see it, and the other great topics she has touched on.  (We’re blushing from her praise!)

Her store, Peaknits, contains lovely one-of-a-kind woven, knit, crocheted, hand spun and hand dyed items.  If, like me, you can’t hop in your car and drive 7 1/2 hours to visit the store as soon as possible, she also has her things on Etsy – click here to check them out.  I’m loving the hand woven blankets.  I also love that the blanket models are a dog and a rabbit. The blankets look even more cuddly.

Rebecca has made excellent use of Darn Good Yarn as well, making this wonderfully colorful hat with Sari Ribbon! Get some ribbon for yourself right here.

Well, what are you waiting for?  Like Rebecca’s store on Facebook right here.  Head over to Maryland.  Take a felting class.  Learn how to spin.  You can even spin with your very own fiber from DGY right here!  Lets show some DGY love for a great fellow crafter.

Happy shopping!

Craftily yours, the brand new DGY blogger,

Marissa :)



Darn Good Yarn Army: Make Some Money!

October 5, 2013

Do you love Darn Good Yarn as much as me? Seriously?  Do you dream in color? Do you need some green though… cash that is?

So, join my Darn Good Yarn Army!

What’s the Darn Good Yarn Army? Well, you’re my on the ground tellers-to-the-world about Darn Good Yarn (you know it’s only a couple of us and we work from my house right?. We can’t be everywhere at once. But you all are! So, if you know of an independent  yarn/bead/craft store or stores that you think Darn Good Yarn would be a great fit in with.. you know, cool, fun and likes a step on the wild side.. well you can earn some cash or some majorly awesome store credit!


Want to get started? There are two ways to go about it:


First way- purchase a Darn Good Yarn Best Sellers Sampler Kit (find it here: ) from our website, go to your local yarn shops and get them to love Darn Good Yarn! From there, they can make a wholesale purchase through Maggie Pozorski ( and we deal with all of the nitty gritty of getting them registered and getting the “business” stuff done. You just have to make contact, tell them about us, why you love Darn Good Yarn and why you think their store should carry some of our goodies.
Second way-Already have a stash of Darn Good Yarn and know all about it? You can request the information sheets to bring into stores and we will mail them to you! These include information about Darn Good Yarn, our products and the women who make our yarn!

Here’s where the money$ comes in-If your store places an order

over $1000, you will receive a DGY store credit for $300 or $200 cash (your choice)!

If your store places an order over $500, you will receive a DGY store credit for $140 or $75 cash!

If your store places and order over $250, you will receive a DGY store credit for $50 or $25 cash!
Just remember, have the store drop your name as the reference so we know which Yarn Army member to send the $$ to!

It would be a great practice to email us a quick note telling us that you stopped into a store so that we can have your contact info right on hand too!
And as always, if you have any questions feel free to ask here or email Maggie at or Natasha at


Simple as that! Let’s bring Darn Good Yarn to the world!


And there is no limit to the stores either. If you know of a cool hip gift store or quirky health food store and you think some of the items we have on Darn Good Yarn would be awesome there, tell them about us!


xoxo, Nicole

New Pattern: Hemp and Silk Braided Bracelet – Darn Good Yarn

October 5, 2013

An excerpt from Patterns

Our fabulous French friend, DGYer Ambre, has provided uss with another great jewelry pattern. This project doesn't even require knitting or crochet!  Just some braiding and you'll be all set.  Here's what you need: Four 32 inch lengths of Hemp…

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New Pattern: Crochet Jewelery – “Dream of Freedom” Necklace – Darn Good Yarn

October 4, 2013

An excerpt from Patterns

Need some great projects using small leftover amounts from your Darn Good Yarn stash?  You can’t go wrong with great jewelry!  Darn good yarn creator extraordinaire Ambre  – seen here wearing her great “Dream of Freedom” necklace – sent us…

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