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Name this Yarn Color and you could win a free skein: Ends 5-19-12

May 16, 2012

Hi Darlings!

So, I know in the past I’ve had yarn naming contests on my facebook page ( But I didn’t realize that I could have lost the whole Darn Good Yarn page there by having these fun contests. So, here’s the deal: Post your idea for what these color names should be as comment on this blog.

Be sure to complete your email address when you post your comment here so I can contact you if you win! The winners will get the yarn color named from their entry and they will get a free skein sent to them!

The other thing I ask is that you also “like” and share Darn Good Yarn on facebook because that’s how I’m able to continue to keep new yarns always coming in and keep the fun going on! My facebook page is: (you can friend me personally too–I  love that! and share this with your friends.


I’ll announce the winners on facebook and on this blog.

Good luck!


P.S. If you click on the yarn pictures below you will have the opportunity to purchase them on sale right now during the contest!


Ribbon #1

Ribbon #2


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  1. handmadebysue says:

    1. Olive u
    2. Knitting blues

  2. Jessica Wells says:

    Ribbon #2: deep ocean mist
    Ribbon #1: Wild rainforest

  3. Lauren Kuchenbrod says:

    #1 Viciously Vintage Avocado
    #2 Turbulent Turquoise

  4. Jeanne Gurda says:

    #1 Meadow Delights
    #2 Ocean Riches

  5. “on safari”


    “treasure from Atlantis”

  6. Wendy Kaschmitter says:

    #1) Sassafras
    #2) Bahama Blue

    Blessings! ♥

  7. Jane Reiter says:

    Serene Green and Watery Blue!

  8. Alicia Renee Zimmerman-Geist says:

    Ribbon 1: Pistachacadomole (smash up of pistachio, avacado and guacamole which is what hte color reminds me of lol)

    Ribbon 2: Blue-licous

  9. Elizabeth Ramos says:

    #1 Seasoned guacamole, Khaki catastrophe
    #2 Tranquil Seas, Tranquil teal

  10. Elizabeth Ramos says:

    #1 Green Grubb, Fresh spring green
    #2 Tremendous teal. Midnight teal temptations

  11. craftink says:

    No 1 Extra Virgin Olive oil (I am from Greece, trust me I know this color really well)
    No 2 Starry Night (this gold chip there makes all the difference…)

    craftink on raverly

  12. Connie Raby says:

    Yarn #1: North Carolina Marsh
    Yarn #2: Cornflower

  13. renee says:

    Ribbon #1 klimt’s the kiss
    ribbon #2 starry starry night

  14. Debbie C. says:

    1. Colorful Khaki
    2. Pretty as a Peacock

  15. Heather Faretra says:

    1. Spinach fettuccine
    2. South Pacific

  16. #1- mermaid’s hair

    #2 fathoms below

    They both remind me of the sea!

  17. Lynelle Dehlbom says:

    1) Evening hide and seek
    2)deep blue dreams

  18. Danielle Lee says:

    Ribbon # 1 should be Cabbage Patch, and
    #2 Should be Midsummer NIght’s Dream

  19. Geri says:

    1.Charming Chartreuse
    2. Madly Monet

  20. Elizabeth Polomsky says:

    1. Sea Foam
    2. Brewing Horizon

  21. number 1 antipasto greens
    number 2 deep blue ocean floor

    I love darn good yarn and really love sari silk ribbon, just bought a bunch but do not have these colors.

  22. #1 – Prairie Secrets
    #2 – Caribbean Promise

  23. Bev Kennard says:

    I like the name of morning mist for # 1 and blue bayou for # 2. Thanks. I love your contests.

  24. Rae Dull says:

    #1. Halcyon Hay

    #2. Halcyon Blue

  25. Elaine Sumner says:

    1. Don’t have fun on Facebook
    2. Pretty Blue Darn Good Yarn

    Hahaha I’m just kidding…sorta :)
    I just won some yarn so let somebody else win some this time.

  26. kELLI bARKEMA says:

    #1 is friggin’ awesome – but that’s not the name (though it could be!) I actually like “Northern Lights” or “Aura”

    #2 “Tears of a clown” – cause I”m tired and it made me laugh!

  27. 1. Gypsy’s Gaze
    2. Mermaids Dreams

  28. purpleheartaw2mom says:

    #1. Olive-it-Up-2-U

    #2. UnTeal-It’s-All-Gone

    I can’t let loose of puns lately for some reason. I quilted a wall hanging recently with a paper-piece snowflake in the middle, and it is titled “Unteal There’s Only One Snowflake” – That beautiful teal will soon be gone, scooped up by many of your out there.

    Thanks for the opportunity to give this a try. Good Luck everyone!!

  29. Shelley Pabst says:

    1) Sea glass and Seaweed
    2) False Indigo

  30. Kipp says:

    Mugwump Grass for the green
    Bermuda Crystal for the turquoise

  31. Donna says:

    1) Sea Grass

    2) Azure Sea

  32. Rosetta says:

    1) Artichoke petal
    2)Blue Coconut Snowcone

  33. wendelyn anderson says:

    1. seaweed
    2. tide pool

  34. Dean Robinson says:

    Ribbon #1, Clam Shell
    Ribbon #2 Blue Danube

  35. DK says:

    1) pickle juice
    2)blue spruce juice

  36. Rosetta says:

    1)Artichoke Petals
    2)Blue Coconut Snowcone

  37. Diane Mularz` says:

    Skein #1: earthly delight
    Skein #2: seaing blue

  38. Sandra Mort says:

    #1 — Turtle (compliments of David, my seven year old)
    #2 — Mermaid

  39. Trail of happiness

    Ocean oasis

    Both of them are gorgeous!

  40. Lynn says:

    1 Green dragon
    2 Poseidon’s cache

  41. Pat Powell says:

    color 1 – guacamole

    color 2 – twilight

  42. Susan Maas says:

    1. Lime Grove
    2. Under the Sea

  43. Meredith says:

    #1 Olivia’s Treasure
    #2 Ocean Breeze

  44. Faith says:

    1. Spiced celery
    2. Peacock sings the blues

  45. PStuder says:

    Low Tide
    High Tide

  46. Regina Dunn says:

    1. Blushing Champagne
    2. Sparkling Blue Moon

  47. Red Llyan says:

    1: Khaki Kicked Up
    2: Sari So Blue

  48. jeanette Thompson says:

    1: Let us (is in lettuce) delight it looks like a head of lettuce
    2. Van Gogh Blues because ti reminds me of Starry Night

  49. Janel says:

    1. Olive Tapenade
    2. Peacock Passion

  50. Sassy says:

    1. Swamp Stars (this ribbon has a range from drab to bright)

    2. Sleeping Beauty

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