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Name this Yarn Color and you could win a free skein: Ends 5-19-12

May 16, 2012

Hi Darlings!

So, I know in the past I’ve had yarn naming contests on my facebook page ( But I didn’t realize that I could have lost the whole Darn Good Yarn page there by having these fun contests. So, here’s the deal: Post your idea for what these color names should be as comment on this blog.

Be sure to complete your email address when you post your comment here so I can contact you if you win! The winners will get the yarn color named from their entry and they will get a free skein sent to them!

The other thing I ask is that you also “like” and share Darn Good Yarn on facebook because that’s how I’m able to continue to keep new yarns always coming in and keep the fun going on! My facebook page is: (you can friend me personally too–I  love that! and share this with your friends.


I’ll announce the winners on facebook and on this blog.

Good luck!


P.S. If you click on the yarn pictures below you will have the opportunity to purchase them on sale right now during the contest!


Ribbon #1

Ribbon #2


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  1. leslie says:

    autumn tranquility and sapphire warmth

  2. kathryn p gadomski says:

    Swamp Thing and Saphira

  3. Susan Gordon says:

    For the green one: Sea Grass

    For the blue one: Royal Turqoise

  4. Judy Werensly says:

    1. Springtime

    2. Azure Skies

  5. Christine says:

    #1 Enchanted Seaweed
    #2 Memaid Kiss

    Love these…my daughter helped with the names!

  6. Christine says:

    #1 Enchanted Seaweed
    #2 Mermaid Kiss

  7. mary jane hanson says:

    fields in green…..and blue eyes wonder

  8. Kelly says:

    Green: Springy Spanish Moss
    Blue: Big Blue Marble

  9. Kimberly Roeh says:

    Oscar the Grouch and Tahiti Skies!

  10. Jean E Stafford says:

    1st yarn – Mountain Mist

    2nd – Blue Lagoon

  11. Caroline says:

    Yarn #1 – Guinevere
    Yarn #2 – Enchanted Pool

  12. Rhonda Clement says:

    # 1. Limeade Twist

    #2. Mediterranean Sea
    Mediterranean Morn
    Sea Glass Swirl

  13. Melissa says:

    #1- Sweet Mutter Soup (“mutter” is Hindi for peas)

    #2- A Touch of Peacock Envy

  14. Traci leckrone says:

    Burnt ember and tempting teal

  15. C. Rogers says:

    Tuscan Olive and Turkish Nights :-)

  16. Brandi says:

    I’m thinking sage mist and caribbean water.

  17. Jan Trendley says:

    Desert haze and mermaid

  18. Jill Adams says:

    Seaweed Paradise and Ocean Escape!

  19. 1) Wood Nymph; Rhea (“the great mother and queen of the mountain wilds”)

    2) Amphitrite (“sea goddess and consort of Poseidon”)

    Feeling all “greek myth” with these colors, Nicole!

  20. Linda Rumsey says:

    Harvest Ribbon and Tranquil Seas

  21. Alison Tighe says:

    1. Swamp Thing (dang, I see someone already listed that one, but I second it!) ;>

    2. Ocean Blues

  22. 1/ Avacado
    2. Deep Sea

  23. jony says:

    Christine, You can’t vote twice…heehee

    1. split pea
    2. sky blue

  24. Hazel Blumberg-McKee says:

    #1: Lettuce Leaf
    #2: Wide Sargasso Sea

  25. #1 – Shipwrecked
    #2 – Bermuda

  26. Erin Blauvelt says:

    1. “Its not easy being green” or “outdoor concert”
    2. “The Heart of the Ocean” or “Caribbean cruise”

  27. Nan Jacobson says:

    Beautiful colors to work with.
    1#MIRAGE: This reminds me of walking in a sunny meadow and seeing different colors glimmering off the grass depending on where you are standing.
    #2 LUPINE: Just like the colors of the Lupines that came up in the garden last year.

  28. Darcell b says:

    Tangled dreams.

  29. Lise Glas says:

    #1-’Frog In The Bog’
    #2-’Tidalwave Blues’

    Thanks for having this fun contest!

  30. Jenn Lucas says:

    1) Spring meadow
    2) Caribbean queen

  31. Marilyn says:

    #1 … Heart of Palm
    #2 … Agree with Jennifer … Amphitrite

  32. Jade Jungle
    The Blue Planet

  33. Kim Haney says:

    #1 yarn: Limeade
    #2 yarn: Bisbee Turquoise

  34. stacy says:

    1) Water Lilies
    2) Fathoms Deep

  35. Darice V. Barnes says:

    #1: Mossy meadow
    #2: Aguas Azule (”Blue waters” in Spanish)

  36. Angel says:

    #1 Summer Moss
    #2 Waves of Zircon

  37. Wendy W says:

    Elphie’s Twist — because this combination is Wicked! I think I see a bit of pink in with that green.

    Delft-inately Moody — Tea parties with Mom and mood rings…the seventies were a great time to be a kid!

  38. Patti White says:

    1. spring green mix
    2. peacock paradise

  39. Lonni says:

    #1….Seaweed Dreams


  40. Debra-ann Jackson says:

    Ribbon 1: Seastraw
    Ribbon 2: Arcadia Blue

  41. Kelli Brevick says:

    Oatmeal Sprinkles

    Starry, Starry Night

  42. Kelli Brevick says:

    Bohemian Party

    Beyond The Sea

  43. Donna Reed says:

    1. Fields of wheat
    2. Peacock in paradise.

  44. Sandra Phillips says:

    1. spring poking Thru
    2. tranquil waters

  45. Suretha Kannenberg says:

    #1: Sunset over the Ganges
    #2: Lake of Venus

  46. 1. Tweedy Green

    2. Perfect blue

  47. Sharron Grant says:

    #1 Seaweed Symphony or Sparkling Sage
    #2 Tealicious or Deep Waters

  48. Carol Martin says:

    #1 Lost Treasure #2 Under The Sea

  49. Dyan Bernstein says:

    guacamole dip
    Sweet Judy Blue Eyes

  50. Kate Jackson says:

    Blue Hawaii
    Summer Sands

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