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Stuff Your Stockings For FREE!

December 18, 2011

Happy holidays!

In the spirit of the holiday season, I’m excited to share the perfect gift with you… for free! For orders of $25 or more you will get a free mystery ball of yarn— and I’m talking the high-quality yarn you know and love! On top of that, orders over $50 will ship for free in the US.

Seeing as how this deal is meant to help you stuff stockings, it only makes sense that it will end December 24th. If you want it in time for Christmas, though, you should get it done before then!

Not only will you get a free ball of yarn, you will also get a story of one of the spinners that made your yarn and you can read about how you are making a real difference in individuals’ lives in India and Nepal.

I wanted to share with you that thanks to all of your support of Darn Good Yarn I have been able to save almost 3 tons of material waste from going into global landfills this year!

To drive that point home—that weighs as much as roughly 212,621 empty bottles of water!

We have helped to support almost 300 women and men in India and Nepal this year!

So, it’s not too late to help the efforts at Darn Good Yarn and get free yarn!

With warmth and gratitude for another successful year,


P.S. Don’t forget to join the updates, last minute deals and sales announcements at Darn Good Yarn’s facebook page. Click and like:

Birthdays, Beekman and a new knitted purse

December 13, 2011

Good morning bellas!


So, I went on my first run in weeks this morning. My cold from hell has finally “CTFO”-d (look it up in the Urban Dictionary if you’re unfamiliar with that highly useful acronym:) ) I was slow but very happy to be back doing my loop again with my friend, Maryann.

The best goats ever! I heart

This weekend was outrageous (in a good way) and I think I will updating about it for the rest of the week. It was Mike’s birthday…he turned 29! And….. I got invited to the Beekman Farm in Sharon Springs NY. I had to totally put on my poker face when I met Josh because he so inspires me. I’m normally not a “I look up to xyz” kind of person but meeting Josh--well let’s just say it was a highlight of 2011! Here’s a video with some highlights

You’ll also see that in that video I am showing you a new easy 1 skein purse I made in a jiffy too this weekend…now to find a button. Any ideas?


Have a great day everyone!



The perfect thing for dry hands

December 9, 2011

Happy Friday my dearies!


Mikey teaching me how to use a snowblower

I get to celebrate Mike’s birthday with him tomorrow. I can’t wait! (and yes… he got something hand-knitted) (I think he knows since one of his presents is kind of squishy).


But I did something fun today… I never do things like this… I went to the Beekman 1802 shop in Sharon Springs NY this morning. What a fun destination. The shop is pristine and something that is out of a dream. A wonderful collection of handicrafts, cookbooks….and the smell ….ahhhhhh. I love it there!

And while I was getting some last minute stocking stuffers I noticed my hands were really –umm… winterized. Having super dry hands is not good for knitting (or your cuticles, kids!). Tonight I am going to work on a fun little purse out of the new Stained Glass yarn I just got in. So I needed to have unchapped hands to design this purse I have swirling around in my head.

So, I have to tell you about this little gem I found at Beekman 1802 (and can’t stop using… and I’m wondering why I didn’t get more…); it’s called Stick of Butter. It has 4 different scents. I got “Spring”. It is like a little luxury. You can purchase it by visiting this link:

I’ve used it this morning and my hands are all better and the scent is wonderful. It’s a nice dense blast of moisture perfect for winter hands. And I’ll let you know how my design turns out for the purse too!


And don’t forget, I just featured a new yarn for the next week that’s on a nice sale. Check out the savings and the yarn by clicking here.


Have a great weekend!



Stained Glass: A Darn Good Take on an oldie

December 5, 2011

Happy Monday evening my yarnie buddies,


I have to share some excited news with you… watch the video:)))

Silk and wool married so perfectly together. This is yarn that you’ve always wanted. You’ve dreamed of this yarn. I know I have!

This creative yarn was made in a wonderful small family-owned co-op/mill where 70 women and 30 men work and get paid fair wages to sustain themselves and their families.

The yarn comes in 2 different plies and it makes the thickness a little different.

The 2 ply has 84 yards per skein and is a worsted weight and the 4 ply has 70 yards per skein and is a chunky weight. Each skein is 100g.

Every skein is a unique collection of color!


The latest juice

December 3, 2011

Happy weekend bellas!


Well, I think I am finally better now. Almost 100% but it is nice to be able to put a full day of work in again and not feel totally horrible. There have been so many cool things going on here at DGY.

Last night I got to attend a ribbon cutting in my local town of Dover-Foxcroft Maine. The store is Sister X Two and they carry yarn (including Darn Good Yarn’s!), scrap booking supplies and they’ll carry fabric in about three weeks. It’s pretty exciting and I feel really lucky to have my yarn in their store!


But there has been a lot of behind the scenes stuff going on at Darn Good Yarn. So, if you’re interested to hear about all the dirt, watch this video.




With all of my love, as always,