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UPDATE!Friday the 13th strikes Darn Good Yarn

May 13, 2011

Hi Everyone!


Friday the 13th strikes Darn Good Yarn!!! Have a chuckle and watch the video. I also feature a new recycled silk bracelet in the vid that I think you will love!


and now a 2:30p update… the shrug is done!






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  1. Debbie Donnelly says:

    YEAH!!! The final shrug is EXACTLY what I had in mind. Now please save me one skein of that flamingo? pink that I had ordered before. I’ll send in my order as soon as I get time. I just got home from working the 3-11:30 shift, church early tomorrow followed by a meeting and then off to work. So it probably won’t be until Monday. UNLESS you still have my info and can just go ahead and charge and send me one more skein. LOVE IT! My daughter’s going to LOVE it too!

    Thanks so much for all your trouble. I wish I had such a great sense of humor when my knitting goes bad. But I”m learning not to be so glum when I make a mistake. I even forgive my puppy when he gets into a skein of yarn these days.

    Thanks again,
    Debbie and her daughter Keli

  2. Debbie says:

    were you able to use my credit card and send me another flamingo pink ribbon yarn? I’ve completed the project that I was working on and want to get started on the shrug. I can’t find the directions on your site.


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