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Recycled Silk Yarn Saves the Day

April 30, 2011

Recycled Silk YarnHi there!

Did you have a nice week? Happy it’s the weekend?

The current events lately have been just crazy. And my heart goes out to those in the southern part of the US that have been affected by these storms.

In the spirit of Darn Good Yarn, for every ball of Gumball Recycled Silk Yarn sold on the site this weekend, $.50 will go to the American Red Cross to help.

To check out the selection of Gumball Recycled Silks, please visit this link:

*** ***

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Thank you for your continued support in helping me help women on the other side of world to right into our own backyard.


Improving your Posture

April 30, 2011

Improving your Posture

When working on a project for hours on end, if you’re like me, you sit in a comfy chair or couch. Your lower back is rounded, upper back is rounded, your head is looking down and your body has a difficult time straightening up. You find discomfort not just your upper, mid and lower back, but your neck, hips and occasionally knees.

To help eliminate discomfort sit more upright.

  1. Have both feet flat on the floor. Sit back in your chair. The back of the chair will help give some support to your back. If your feet do not reach the floor then place a pillow or two behind you.
  2. Sit back in your chair or couch and place your feet on a low step stool. This will help support your lower back and hips.
  3. If you stretch yourself out on a couch place a pillow under your knees. This will take the stress off of your lower back.
  4. Elevate your ribcage and try to keep your shoulders relaxed
  5. Keep elbows bend and hands elevated a little higher than chest height. You are now looking straight ahead at your project instead of looking down. This will help with neck discomfort.
  6. Use the upper back stretch shown in February’s blog post.
  7. Neck stretches are shown in January’s blog post



This and many more stretches are in the “Stretches for those who Knit and Crochet” book. This book can be purchased at


New Pattern: 45 min Recycled Sari Ribbon Scarf

April 29, 2011

An excerpt from Patterns

video loading… Check out the one skein scarf that's super easy and takes no time at all to make. Best of all it's made from recycled silk sari remnants and is created by women. No sweatshops, no child labor and…

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Friday Update At Darn Good Yarn New Recycled Silk Yarn, Knitting Needles and More!

April 29, 2011

Hi friends!

Happy wedding day and happy Friday!

Here is your weekly update! Recycled Silk Yarn, the popular 1 skein sari ribbon scarf and more!

and see what really happens at Darn Good Yarn here:


New Featured Artist: Painting with Yarn: Fiber Art and More

April 27, 2011

An excerpt from Featured Artists

Hi friends, The internet never ceases to amaze me. I meet so many of you through email and while we might not speak on the phone, the relationship we build is wonderful. Well, I wanted to introduce you to an…

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Creative Gift Wrap

April 25, 2011

Hello Click the image to vist the site and see some DGY ribbon at work!

Happy Monday Friends!


For those of you who purchase your yarn from Darn Good Yarn, you know that I love to wrap up your yarn in purple tissue paper and use bits of recycled yarn and ribbon.

I really feel honored that you want to try out Darn Good Yarn, or your coming back for seconds or thirds…or….

So, in the same way your purchases at Darn Good Yarn are gifts, I want you to have the yarn presented to you as gift…an affordable luxury!

But in that same light, I love seeing what the latest trends in wrapping gifts are. The one thing I’ve learned since starting Darn Good Yarn is that the wrapping is half the fun of the gift. That’s why I want to re-introduce you to Charissa at

The site is an amazing collection of eye candy and total inspiration. I mean, hello, have you seen the photography?! Charissa is really an artist and I just had to share this great blog with you. She is the master of creative gift wrapping.

Again, be sure to visit, and show my friend some Darn Good Yarn-esque support!


Have a wonderful week and tell me what’s the coolest wrap job you’ve done lately?!




Friday’s Update: New Recycled Silk Yarn

April 22, 2011

Watch the video recap here:

Happy Friday to you!

What a wild week. Wow!

Wanna get the dirt on DGY? Check out the interview on the brand new Find the interview here and show some love to the co-founder and fellow Darn Good Yarner Katherine:

And now to the yarn…

Recycled Silk YarnRecycled Silk Yarn

A new shipment of yarn means that you can check out new colors of banana fiber, new colors of “Gumball” recycled silk yarn, spinning fibers and some fun notions.

27 Exclusive DGY Blends!!!



Recycled-Silk-Yarn Sari-Silk-Yarn 081Recycled-Silk-Yarn Sari-Silk-Yarn 138Recycled-Silk-Yarn Sari-Silk-Yarn 094

And in celebration of Earth Day, I have a special offer for the Premium Recycled Silk on the site.

Get 30% off a 20 pack of the Premium Recycled Silk Yarn:


Hurry, because this sale is only good until Sunday 4-24

If you didn’t see the new kimono jacket pattern I posted last week, be sure to visit this link (click me) to check it out!


Lastly, a hearty thank you to those of you who purchased yarn from Darn Good Yarn in this last month. We were able to donate $200 to the Red Cross for the on-going disaster in Japan.


Enjoy all of the new goodies and have a great weekend.


Thank you for all of your support!


Nicole, Mikey and Squeakers


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New Pattern: KNIT: 80 Ways to Save the Earth Tote Bag

April 20, 2011

An excerpt from Patterns

Updated: 4-20-11: the update was made to the yarn. Prior to this, the yarn carried with the plastic bag yarn was a "B" quality silk. The quality deteriorated so much over the past month that I've discontinued it from Darn…

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New Pattern: Chunky Wool Yarn: Bitty Hat

April 18, 2011

An excerpt from Patterns

Hi everyone, I hope you had a stellar weekend! I wanted to share this link to this pattern on a fellow Darn Good Yarner’s blog to make a positively adorable hat out of the chunky wool yarn I carry. Just…

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Lose Weight Crafters!

April 15, 2011

Did you know that knitting burns calories? Even though you are sitting still your hands and wrists are busy at work. The added benefit of keeping both hands busy: You are not eating.

Aprils Stretch: Lower Back

  1. Sit tall with both feet flat on the floor. Place your hands on your knees. Perform a pelvic tilt (push your hips forward.) Your lower back is rounded. Push your lower back into the chair. Hold this position for one IsoBreathing breath. Sit tall and repeat 3-5 times.
  2. Sit tall with both feet flat on the floor. Place both palms on your lower back with your fingers facing the floor. Arch your back slightly using your hands for support. Hold for one IsoBreathing breath. Sit upright and repeat 3-5 times.

This and many more stretches are in the “Stretches for those who Knit and Crochet” book. This book can be purchased at